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The New Toshiba

Toshiba Now Has A New Business Structure

Under our new organization, our former in-house companies now operate as independent corporations. This strategic move fully realizes the goal of autonomous operations, the reason why we introduced the in-house company system in the first place, in 1999. Now each corporation is free to develop the operations and systems best suited to its business, while working together to rebuild Toshiba Group.
Three in-house companies were split off on July 1, 2017, as Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, and Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation. The Energy Systems & Solutions Company will follow on October 1 this year, and will be combined with Nuclear Energy Systems & Solutions Division in Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation.

The new companies are focused on maximizing value and enhancing direct accountability to the market and customers, and strengthening cooperation with their group companies. By establishing optimized systems, they are also ensuring business continuity in such areas as retaining licenses for specified construction work.
In parallel with this, Toshiba Corporation is now focused on maximizing the corporate value and enhancing governance for Toshiba Group as a whole.

Before the spin-off

Link to the new companies

Note: The Energy Systems & Solutions Company and Nuclear Energy Systems & Solutions Division will be split-off on October 1, 2017 into Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation.

The Future Toshiba

By taking full advantage of our technologies, expertise and many years of experience, we aim to achieve stable growth in our business domains, particularly infrastructure. Our key players in infrastructure are Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation, a provider of systems and solutions for buildings, facilities, railway and industrial systems, and public infrastructure, and Toshiba TEC Corporation, which delivers retail and printing services.

Alongside our core "infrastructure" business, the new Toshiba is focused on three other business domains,: "Energy" handled by Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation (from October 2017), "electronic devices" handled by Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, and "Digital Solutions" handled by Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation.

Toshiba will contribute to a sustainable society by focusing on business domains,
centered on infrastructure, that sustains modern life and society
and create new value with reliable technologies.

Toshiba in the future

FY2017 is our year of comprehensive structural reforms. We are strengthening the revenue base by blocking risk associated with the overseas nuclear power business; promoting early recovery and strengthening our financial base and organizational operations. We will make capital investments to cultivate growth, primarily in infrastructure. After FY2018, we expect our four focus domains to generate stable profit, record sales of over 4,000 billion yen, and we expect to see a return on sales of 5% in FY2019.

  • [Energy Business Domain]

    Ensure stable revenues through services associated with thermal and hydro power generation and power transmission and distribution. Promote technical development of hydrogen energy, widely seen as a next-generation energy source.

  • [Social Infrastructure Business Domain]

    Ensure stable revenues through public infrastructure operations, including water treatment, power transmission and distribution, disaster prevention, roads, broadcasting, air traffic control, postal services and others. Cultivate growth in business areas including rechargeable batteries, elevators, air conditioning, railway system and logistics system.

  • [Electronic Devices Business Domain]

    Achieve stable revenues by increasing sales of industrial semiconductors and boosting share in the HDD market. Expand business through enhanced cooperation with customers in the fast growing areas of IoT and in-vehicle systems.

  • [Digital Solutions Business Domain]

    Focus on system integration business for public offices and manufacturing infrastructures to ensure stable revenues, and develop digital services taking advantage of IoT and AI (artificial intelligence).

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