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Annual Report (Mid-term Business Plan)

FY2010 - ended March 2011

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Toshiba Group’s mid-term business plan to FY2013 was issued on May 24, 2011. While aggressively accelerating the global growth of our core businesses and establishing new profit bases, we are aiming to become an even stronger global contender.

Basic Management Policies
Mid- to Long-term Vision
Mid- to Long-term Vision
Numerical Targets
figure of Numerical Targetsfigure of Financial Targets Emphasizing Profitability toward FY2013

(Billions of yen)

FY2010 Result FY2011 Forecast FY2013 Plan CAGR
Digital Products Segment Net Sales 2,328.6 2,550.0 3,100.0 10%
Operating Income 13.2 20.0 40.0
Electronic Devices Segment Net Sales 1,347.7 1,450.0 1,850.0 13%
Operating Income 86.8 140.0 270.0
Social Infrastructure Segment Net Sales 2,267.7 2,500.0 3,000.0 10%
Operating Income 137.1 150.0 200.0
Home Appliances Segment Net Sales 599.8 650.0 700.0 4%
Operating Income 8.8 10.0 15.0
Investment and R&D Expenditure
figure of Investment and R&D Expenditure

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