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Digital Products

dynabook: Brand name of Toshiba personal computers in Japan.

Glasses-free 3D: 3D images are created using parallax to deliver separate images to the left and right eyes. User can enjoy high-quality 3D images without dedicated glasses if the separate images are properly delivered to each eye.

Power peak shift: Power peak shift is designed to lower electricity consumption at times of peak demand.

Power TV series: The Power TV series is designed for tough infrastructure conditions. Some models in the series integrate a stand-by rechargeable battery, a useful innovation in areas where power supply can be uncertain. Fully charged, the battery can power a TV for approximately 2 hours, long enough for the broadcast of a full soccer game. Power TV series also features "Auto Signal Booster," which improves signal sensitivity and allows viewing in areas with weak signal strengths.

REGZA: Global product brand name for Toshiba's TVs. Toshiba also introduced Tablets with REGZA brand.

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