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[ Power Systems ]

Power Generation System: Systems for generating electricity. Toshiba meets market needs worldwide with a comprehensive range of power generation systems, including nuclear, thermal, hydroelectric, geothermal, photovoltaic, wind power generation systems and fuel cells.

ABWR: Advanced Boiling Water Reactor. See BWR.

AP1000TM PWR: Westinghouse's innovative passively safe reactor design, which uses natural cooling, evaporation and condensation to keep the plant safe. This design makes the plant smaller, simpler, easier to build, and less expensive to operate than other modern pressurized water reactor (PWR) plants. See PWR.

BTG: Boiler, Turbine and Generator. Key components used in power generation systems. Toshiba manufactures steam turbines and generators.

BWR: Boiling Water Reactor. A type of reactor for a nuclear power generation system, initially developed in the U.S. by the General Electric Company. In a BWR plant, the reactor uses low-enriched uranium as a fuel to bring the moderator and coolant water to the boil directly at the reactor core. The resulting steam drives the turbine.

CCS: Carbon Capture and Storage. CO2 separation and capture is an integral part of any CCS system. Toshiba has developed an amine solvent that consumes minimal energy during CO2 separation and capture, and has confirmed on a bench-scale test that it matches industry leading standards.

Combined Cycle Thermal Power Generation: Combined cycle systems combine gas and steam turbines to generate electricity in two stages. In the first stage, a gas turbine produces exhaust steam that drives the second stage steam turbine, which generates more electricity. The system is more efficient and releases less CO2 into the environment than conventional thermal power systems.

Nuclear reactor: A system that uses a controlled nuclear reaction to heat steam that is used to drive a turbine and generator to produce electricity.

PWR: Pressurized Water Reactor. A type of reactor for a nuclear power generation system, initially developed by Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

Renewable Energy system: A power generation system based on a renewable energy source. Toshiba's renewable energy systems include hydroelectic, photovoltaic, geothermal and wind power generation systems.

Steam Turbine Generator: A key component of power generation systems. Toshiba has secured the No. 1 market share in the North American market for eight consecutive years (as of 2010).

4S: Toshiba's next generation nuclear reactor. 4S stand for Super-Safe, Small and Simple. The 4S is a sodium-cooled fast reactor with a thermal rating of 30MWt or 135MWt. >>more

[ Social Infrastructure Systems ]

AMI: Advanced Metering Infrastructure. AMI is essential for establishing Smart Grids. Toshiba has reinforced its Smart Grid business by acquiring Ladis+Gyr, a global leader in AMI.

BEMS: Building Energy Management System. Related concepts are Smart Community and Smart Grid.

FEMS: Facility Energy Management System. Related concepts are Smart Community and Smart Grid.

HEMS: Home energy management system. Related concepts are Smart Community and Smart Grid.

HVDC: High Voltage Direct Current.

PCS: Power Conditioning System.

PMSM: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor.

SCiB™: An innovative rechargeable lithium-ion battery developed by Toshiba. SCiB™ offers excellent safety, a long lifecycle and a rapid charge capability. >>more

Smart Community: Smart Community supports diverse infrastructure systems, including energy, water, transportation and ICT (information and communication technology), delivers comprehensive solutions to consumers, and secures the integrated modernization of the overall infrastructure supporting entire towns and cities.

Smart Meter: A key metering component used in Smart Grid system. A gateway of smart community business. Related concepts are AMI, Smart Community and Smart Grid.

Smart Grid: Next-generation energy network management system, integrating the electric power infrastructure and the communication infrastructure.

T&D: Transmission & Distribution. System to transfer of electrical energy, from power generating plants to substations located near population centers, and between high-voltage substations and customers, as electric power distribution.Toshiba produces variety of equipment in the T&D system.

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