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Compensation Policy and the Amount of Compensation

1) Compensation policy

The Compensation Committee establishes compensation policy regarding compensation of each director and/or executive officer as follows.
Since the main responsibility of directors is to supervise the execution of the overall Group's business, compensation for directors is determined at an adequate level to secure highly competent personnel and to ensure effective work of the supervisory function.
Since the responsibility of executive officers is to increase corporate value in their capacity as executives responsible for companies or divisions within the Group, compensation for executive officers is divided into fixed compensation and performance-based compensation, and determined at an adequate level to secure highly competent personnel and ensure their compensation package functions as an effective incentive to improve business performance.

(1) Director's compensation

Fixed compensation is paid to directors who do not concurrently hold office as an executive officer, and is based on status as a full-time or part-time director and on the duties performed.
The fixed compensation is paid to directors who concurrently hold office as an executive officer, in addition to the executive officer compensation specified in (2) below.

(2) Executive officer's compensation

Executive officer compensation is comprised of the basic compensation based on executive officer rank (e.g. representative executive officer, president and chief executive officer, representative executive officer, corporate senior executive vice president) and the service compensation calculated according to the duties of the executive officer. Some 40-45% of the service compensation will fluctuate from zero (no compensation) to 2 times according to the year-end performance of the Company or of the division for which the executive officer is responsible.

(3) Compensation standard

Compensation standards are determined at suitable levels for a global company, with the aim of securing highly competent management personnel. The compensation standards of other listed companies and payroll and benefits of employees are considered when determining the Company's compensation standards of management.

2) Amounts of compensation for FY2015

Amounts of compensation of directors and executive officers for FY2015 are as follows:

Position Total Amount
(Millions of yen)
Number of Persons
(excluding Outside Directors)
230 24
Outside Directors 88 9
Executive Officers 872 40

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