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Takeover Defense Measures

Abolition of Countermeasures to Large-Scale Acquisition of Company Shares (Takeover Defense Measures)

Following careful consideration of changes in the business environment, widely applied improvements to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and opinions from shareholders, the Company abolished its Countermeasures to Large-Scale Acquisition of Company Shares at the closing of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on June 25, 2015.

However, if any large-scale acquisition should occur after this abolition, the Company will demand that any parties attempting such large-scale acquisition should provide sufficient information in order for the shareholders to determine the appropriateness of such large-scale acquisition. The Company will also release opinions by Directors of the Company, will attempt to secure time and information for the shareholders to make decisions, and take every measure available to it under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Companies Act and other applicable laws and regulations. The Company will continue to seek to raise the value of its corporate reputation and to secure benefits to the shareholders.

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