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Takeover Defense Measures

Basic Policy on the Control of the Company and Takeover Defense Measure

(1) Contents of our basic policy

We are of the view that, in order for the Toshiba Group to earn an appropriate level of profits to be returned to shareholders and continuously improve its enterprise value and shared benefit of shareholders, the Group must solidify and develop an adequate relationship with stakeholders such as customers, business partners, employees and local communities, etc., not to mention shareholders, and run the organization in ways that pay sufficient attention to the benefit of such stakeholders.

If a party offers to acquire shares in the Group and in order to properly judge the effect the acquisition will potentially have on its enterprise value and shareholders' shared benefit, it is necessary to fully grasp: 1) a synergy effect that will likely be achieved through an organic integration of individual business segments; 2) the actual conditions of the Group; and 3) components of the Group's enterprise value.

In light of the above-mentioned elements, Toshiba's Board of Directors believe that: 1) any such party acquiring, or offering to acquire, a large number of shares in the Company as does not contribute to securing and improving its enterprise value and shareholders' shared benefit is not suitable to be an entity governing the determination of the organization's financial and operational policy; and 2) against such entity's act to acquire a large number of shares in the Company, we must take the necessary and reasonable action, thereby securing enterprise value and shareholders' shared benefit.

Based on the above-mentioned thinking, Toshiba introduced countermeasures against large-scale acquisitions of shares of the Company (so-called “Takeover Defense Measures”) in June 2006 before renewing them in June 2009 and June 2012. However, we have decided not to renew these countermeasures after carefully considering the renewal in light of: 1) the changing operating environment; 2) the state of progress of the development of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act; and 3) the opinions of shareholders.

Even after the termination of the measures, if any party seeks to acquire a large number of shares in the Company, we will i) request the party to provide information necessary and sufficient for shareholders to properly judge whether the proposed acquisition is reasonable or not and ii) publish the opinion of the Toshiba Board of Directors to secure an amount of time and information for shareholders to consider the proposed share acquisition. Thus, the Company will continue striving to secure and improve its enterprise value and shareholders' shared benefit while taking appropriate action within a scope that is allowed under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the Companies Act and other applicable laws and regulations.

(2) Special initiative that will contribute to achieving the goal of the basic policy

In an effort to regain the confidence of all stakeholders such as shareholders and investors by becoming an organization with a robust corporate structure, the Toshiba Group continues to implement the business measure titled “Toshiba Rebuilding Initiative” consisting of the following programs: 1) Strengthen Internal Controls and Reform the Corporate Culture; 2) Decisive Action on Business Structural Reform; 3) Review the Business Portfolio and Operational Structure; and 4) Reforming the Financial Base.

This Web site contains projections of business results, statements regarding business plans and other forward-looking statements. This information is based on certain assumptions, such as the economic environment, business policies and other factors, as of the date when each document was posted. Actual results may differ significantly from the estimates listed here.

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