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Disclosure Policy

Basic policy on timely disclosure

The "Toshiba Group Standard of Conduct" requires that Group companies "endeavor to obtain the understanding of stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors and the local community, in respect of corporate activities, products and services, and further improve public recognition of Toshiba Group and its corporate image by means of positive and timely corporate communications activities on corporate information, such as corporate strategy and financial data." This statement defines the basic policy that guides the Group.
The information about risk management & compliance is included in this "corporate information."

figure of Basic policy on timely disclosure

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Standards for information disclosure

Toshiba Corporation's information disclosure meets the requirements of the Securities Exchange Law, other legislation, and rules on timely disclosure defined by the stock exchanges on which Toshiba is listed.
In addition to this, Toshiba also discloses information not required under rules of timely disclosure, covering such matters as decisions made by the company, events related to the company and items connected to settlement of accounts, in the event that such matters are considered to have the potential to impact on investment decisions by interested parties. Such matters are disclosed as promptly and comprehensively as possible.

Disclosure practices

In carrying out information disclosure such as that mentioned above, Toshiba makes full use of the electronic facilities provided by the Tokyo stock exchange's TDnet. Information disclosed on TDnet is also promptly disclosed via other media, including the Toshiba Web site and direct e-mail.
Regarding the disclosure of information not required by rules for timely disclosure, Toshiba fully respects and observes the need for timely disclosure, and makes every effort to assure full disclosure to investors by appropriate methods.

Preparation and delivery of materials for disclosure

  • Systematic disclosure materials: short statements on settlement of accounts announcements, asset securities reports, notices of resolutions
  • Voluntarily disclosed materials: annual reports, fact books, news releases, CSR Reports
  • Disclosure materials of settlement of accounts
  • Post relevant disclosure materials to the Web site

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Internal system for information disclosure

Regulations/Standards and procedures for timely disclosure were established on October 1, 2003, which defined responsibilities for related work.
The Finance Division, Corporate Communications Division, Legal Division and related divisions create and examine disclosure-related materials from their respective standpoints, which provides an internal check function and secures accurate content. An additional double check by the related divisions and the Legal Division also contributes to reliable, timely disclosure. Beyond this, every effort is made to assure early announcements of business results. In principle, business results should be announced within a month after the end of each fiscal term. Toshiba reinforces the foregoing system by providing a "risk consultation hotline" that allows anybody who has any suspicions of information on legal contraventions (including any contraventions relating to business accounts) to directly contact the Risk Management Division or an outside lawyer.
figure 1 of Internal system for timely disclosure procedures - The Internal system for materials and decision-making
figure 2 of Internal system for timely disclosure procedures - The internal system for early announcements of business results, dividend payment and earnings forecasts

Silent period

Toshiba Corporation observes the two weeks before the announcement of business results as a silent period, during which we do not answer inquires related to business results. Should it prove necessary to revise forecasts during the silent period, we do so in accordance with disclosure rules of Tokyo Stock Exchange in principle. During the silent period, we do answer inquiries on information that has been already disclosed by Toshiba. The silent period is observed to prevent leaks of information on business results and to assure fair disclosure, based on in-house regulations. We appreciate your understanding.

This Web site contains projections of business results, statements regarding business plans and other forward-looking statements. This information is based on certain assumptions, such as the economic environment, business policies and other factors, as of the date when each document was posted. Actual results may differ significantly from the estimates listed here.

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