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Market Positions

[Steam Turbines (for Thermal Power Plant, etc.)] No.1 in North America, Market Share 39%(*1) / [Nuclear Power Generation] Market Share 28%, Worldwide No.1(*2) / [Hydroelectric Power Generation] Adjustable Speed, Pumped Storage Systems	Worldwide No.1(*3) / [Geothermal Power Generation] Market Share 23%, Worldwide No.1(*4) / [Photovoltaic Power Generation] Large-scale Solar Plant for Utility Companies in Japan No.1, Market Share 39%(*5) / *1:Order basis 2004-2013, based on Toshiba research, *2:Main contract of commercial operation plant, capacity basis, based on Toshiba research, *3:Delivered units basis, based on Toshiba research, *4:Delivered capacity basis, based on Bloomberg New Energy Finance 2014 June, *5:Units basis, based on Toshiba research

[POS Systems] Worldwide No.1, Market Share in Japan No.1(*6) / *6:Unit basis, based on Toshiba research(2013)

[Medical Systems] CT:Worldwide No.2(*7), X-Ray:Worldwide No.4(*7), Ultrasound:Worldwide No.3(*7) / *7:Net sales basis, based on Toshiba research (2013)

[NAND Flash Memory] Worldwide No.2(*8) / [Hard Disk Drive] Market Share 15%(*8) / [Power Device] Worldwide No.2(*8) / *8:Net sales basis, based on Toshiba research (2013)

This Web site contains projections of business results, statements regarding business plans and other forward-looking statements. This information is based on certain assumptions, such as the economic environment, business policies and other factors, as of the date when each document was posted. Actual results may differ significantly from the estimates listed here.

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