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From the CEO

Aiming to achieve Growth through Creativity and Innovation. Hisao Tanaka Director, President and CEO/A Video Message from Mr.Tanaka

The world in which we do business is changing rapidly. At Toshiba, we are responding by increasing the speed and vigor of management, so as to get the very best from Toshiba Group's technological, product development, and manufacturing capabilities. Through proactive management, we aim to achieve further growth with enhanced profitability and greater financial robustness.

We face many and complicated global issues, including ensuring stable energy supply, resource conservation, the progress of the information society and the world's growing population.

Toshiba's Vision is the realization of a “Human Smart Community” through an emphasis on Energy, Storage, and Healthcare. In these three areas, we will strive to resolve issues and achieve a “Safe, Secure and Comfortable Society” where people always come first.

It is no longer enough to simply provide products—we must also deliver excellent user experiences. We will do this through the integration of products and services. We will create new customer value attuned to the era by working with our customers.

We will create our own growth engines based on business fields and approaches unique to Toshiba, and achieve “Growth through Creativity and Innovation” without being overly dependent on market growth.

As we do this, strengthening the financial base also is important. We will promote strict investment management that secures a strong financial base in balance with “Growth through Creativity and Innovation.”

Our Growth through Creativity and Innovation will be driven by diversity. Toshiba's commitment to ongoing globalization is reflected in a determination to enrich management with people offering diverse perspectives. I want to see everyone employed in Toshiba Group, whatever their gender or nationality, pooling their ideas, clarifying issues through in-depth discussion, and then acting decisively. For my part, I will do all that I can to cultivate this empowering corporate culture throughout Toshiba Group. Individual employees should enhance their capabilities and apply them to adding value to their business. This is the key to ensuring Toshiba Group grows and flourishes as a truly global enterprise.

Fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by according the highest priorities to human life and safety and to compliance are prerequisites for the success of our business. We will do our utmost to maximize corporate value through the promotion of CSR management, as a trusted corporate citizen of planet Earth.

In leading Toshiba Group's 200,000 employees throughout the world, I am endeavoring to orchestrate their capabilities to realize a vibrant Toshiba Group in which every individual can bring his or her potential into full play, and contribute to the achievement of Growth through Creativity and Innovation.

June, 2014

Hisao Tanaka
Director, President and CEO

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