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From the CEO

Toshiba's management team is dedicated to regaining your trust

As the head of Toshiba's management team, my first and driving concern is to promote initiatives that revitalize the company and the Group, and that regain stakeholder and public trust. I approach these challenges in the spirit of putting the customer first.

I am fully aware that we face strong headwinds, and I know that some recent actions have caused concern and inconvenience to our stakeholders. However, we are determined to succeed, starting with a resolute response to the inappropriate accounting and the huge impairment loss in the overseas nuclear power businesses.

In response to the accounting problem, we initiated wide ranging reforms of our internal controls and corporate governance in 2015. These included establishing an Internal Audit Division, and an Audit Committee composed entirely of outside directors. At the board level, we reinforced oversight of top management and operations by appointing a majority of outside directors.

More recently, we have taken resolute action to deal with the damage from the impairment loss. Our former in-house companies are now independent operations, responsible for developing and expanding new businesses while maximizing business value. At the strategic level we will promote collaboration amongst the Group, focus on maximizing corporate value and strengthening governance.

Going forward, we will continue to implement necessary measures, promote CSR-based management toward fulfilling our social responsibilities and seek to contribute to the realization of a sustainable future through business activities that place the highest priority on human life, safety and compliance.

In an environment where the only certainty is change at an ever faster pace, including rapid development of information and communications technology, we must overcome many complex problems, such as population growth, resource depletion and the ever-growing need for energy. We will seek to contribute to society and overcome these issues by rebuilding Toshiba Group as a globally competitive organization focused on four main business domains: Social Infrastructure as the core, Energy, Electronic Devices and Digital Solutions. We will channel our energy into creating value that our customers need today, and grow the seeds that will become next generation businesses and solutions that solve customers' problems.

Toshiba Group as a whole is making a united effort to regain the trust of its stakeholders, including customers and shareholders and the public. As we do so, I ask for your understanding and continued support.

Satoshi Tsunakawa
President and CEO

October 2017

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