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Regarding the Report from the Independent Investigation Committee

Toshiba Corporation expresses sincere apologies to our shareholders, customers, business partners and all other stakeholders for any concern or inconvenience caused by the investigation into the appropriateness of its accounting.

We received the investigation report from the Independent Investigation Committee on July 20, 2015. The Company takes the content of the report by the Independent Investigation Committee very seriously. We reiterate our deep apology to our shareholders, investors and all other stakeholders.

Going forward, we will renew our commitment to our original management policy, which puts the highest priority on human life, safety and compliance, and reorganize our corporate governance structure and internal control system. We will also promptly examine measures to prevent recurrence and will implement them thoroughly.

Toshiba Corporation and its group as a whole will make our best effort to regain the trust of our stakeholders, and asks for your ongoing support.

Toshiba Corporation

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