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Digital Solutions Business Domain

Accelerate Digital Transformation and
Co-create New Value Propositions

Toshiba Group takes full advantage of know-how cultivated in over 140 years of experience in the social infrastructure business and manufacturing to accelerate digital transformation with the latest ICT, such as the IoT and artificial intelligence (AI), and co-creates new value propositions with our customers and society.

We support digital transformation with the “Toshiba IoT Architecture SPINEX”, which combines the Group's latest technologies with expertise and experience gained from a wide range of industries and worksites.

We also have been devoted many years of effort to the development of Media Intelligence-speech, image and character recognition technologies-and to promoting “Toshiba Communication AI RECAIUS”, aiming not only to connect things but also develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of human intentions and situations, to support interpersonal communications. 

We will continue to contribute to creating a comfortable and safer society for people worldwide, through Co-Creation that enables open innovations that extend far beyond the boundaries of companies, industries and regions.

Photo of Toshiba IoT Architecture SPINEX

Toshiba IoT Architecture SPINEX

Photo of Toshiba Communication AI RECAIUS

Toshiba Communication AI RECAIUS

Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
President and CEO
Hironobu Nishikori
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