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Jul. 28 (IR)
Amendment to Correction of Number of Toshiba's Consolidated Subsidiaries and Affiliate Companies in Toshiba's Consolidated Results for Fiscal Year 2015, to March 31, 2016 (US GAAP)A separate window will open. [PDF 55KB/3 pages]
Jul. 28 (IR)
Notice of an Appeal Against Toshiba in a US District CourtA separate window will open. [PDF 10KB/1 page]
Jul. 27 (RELEASE)
Toshiba Starts World's First Sample Shipment of 64-Layer 3D Flash Memory
Jul. 15 (RELEASE)
Toshiba and Western Digital Celebrate the Opening of New Fab 2 Semiconductor Fabrication Facility in Yokkaichi, Japan
Jul. 11 (INFO)
The Announcement of FY2016 Q1 Results is scheduled for 14:00 (JST) on Aug. 12.
Jul. 11 (RELEASE)
Toshiba Win Orders for UHV Transformers Package in India
Jul. 6 (IR)
FY2016 Toshiba In-House Company IR Briefing
* Video presentation (including Q&A sessions) posted (Jul. 7).
Jun. 30 (IR)
Regarding the Completion of Share Transfer of Toshiba Lifestyle Products & Services Corporation to MideaA separate window will open. [PDF 89KB/4 pages]
Jun. 27 (INFO)
Toshiba Corporation will hold the In-house Company IR Briefing FY2016 for analysts and institutional investors on July 6th.
Jun. 24 (IR)
(Re-correction) Toshiba's Consolidated Results for Fiscal Year 2015, to March 31, 2016 (US GAAP)A separate window will open. [PDF 74KB/4 pages]
Jun. 22 (INFO)
Toshiba Holds the 177th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
Jun. 22 (IR)
Regarding Debt Waiver Against a Toshiba SubsidiaryA separate window will open. [PDF 86KB/2 pages]
Jun. 22 (IR)
Notice on Submission of Internal Control Report Including Material Weakness in Financial Reporting Requiring DisclosureA separate window will open. [PDF 105KB/4 pages]
Jun. 17 (IR)
Notice on Start of Corporate Rehabilitation of Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea CorporationA separate window will open. [PDF 25KB/1 page]
Jun. 1 (INFO)
Convocation Notice of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the 177th Fiscal Period Posted

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