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May 26 (RELEASE)
Toshiba Receives Order for Steam Turbine and Generator for Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant in Vietnam
May 25 (RELEASE)
Toshiba's Ultra-Fast Data Matching Technology is Over 50 Times Faster than its Predecessors
May 25 (IR)
Notice on an Order Granting the Motion to Dismiss the Claim Brought in the United StatesA separate window will open. [PDF 34KB/1 page]
May 23 (IR)
(Correction) FY2015 Business Results (Earnings Release, Presentation)
May 23 (IR)
Notice on Material Weakness in Internal Controls on Financial Reporting Requiring DisclosureA separate window will open. [PDF 42KB/3 pages]
May 23 (IR)
Notice on Reduction in Amounts of Retained Earnings Reserves and Stated Capital, and Appropriation of Other Capital SurplusA separate window will open. [PDF 36KB/4 pages]
May 23 (IR)
Notice on Change of Accounting AuditorA separate window will open. [PDF 27KB/2 pages]
May 12 (IR)
Notice of Nominees for Directors, Committee Members and Executive OfficersA separate window will open. [PDF 140KB /7 pages]
May 12 (IR)
FY2015 Business Results (Earnings Release, Presentation)
May 12 (IR)
Notice of Start of Proceedings on Corporate Rehabilitation of Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea CorporationA separate window will open. [PDF 45KB/2 pages]
May 10 (INFO)
The Announcement of FY2015 Business Results is scheduled for 14:00 (JST) on May 12.
May 6 (IR)
Toshiba Announces Nominees for President and CEO and Chairman (Presentation)

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