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Investor Relations

Apr. 3 (IR)
Notice Regarding Application for Reinstatement to First Sections of Tokyo and Nagoya Stock ExchangesA separate window will open. [PDF 195KB/1 page]
Mar. 26 (INFO)
The Announcement of FY2019 Business Results is scheduled for May 14.
Mar. 23 (RELEASE)
Toshiba’s SCiB™ Rechargeable Battery Selected for Nissan’s ROOX
Mar. 23 (RELEASE)
Toshiba’s SCiB™ Rechargeable Battery Selected for Mitsubishi Motors’ New Super Height Kei Wagon eK X space and eK space
Mar. 20 (IR)
Notice on Plan for Dividend (Year-end Dividend)A separate window will open. [PDF 197KB/2 pages]
Mar. 7 (RELEASE)
The world’s largest-class hydrogen production, Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R) now is completed at Namie town in Fukushima.
Mar. 2 (RELEASE)
Toshiba Names Taro Shimada to Head its Digital Solutions Business
Feb. 14 (IR)
Business Results for FY2019 Q3 (Earnings Release, Presentation)
Feb. 14 (IR)
Notice Regarding Results of Investigation of Suspicious Transactions at a Subsidiary, and Recurrence Prevention MeasuresA separate window will open. [PDF 202KB/14 pages] (Explanation)
Feb. 10 (RELEASE)
Toshiba Water Solutions receives order of two Sewage Treatment Projects in India - Contributing to the cleanup of the Ganges River - (Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation)
Feb. 7 (RELEASE)
Toshiba to Reorganize Subsidiaries Providing Corporate Staff Services
Feb. 7 (IR)
Notice Regarding Transfer of Shares of Toshiba’s wholly Owned Subsidiaries to Toshiba’s Subsidiary Providing Corporate Staff Services by a Company SplitsA separate window will open. [PDF 92KB/6 pages]
Feb. 3 (RELEASE)
Toshiba’s New Company will Co-create an Ecosystem through Cyber Physical Systems Technology Where Everyone Can Enjoy the Benefits of Data
Feb. 3 (IR)
(Update) Suit Brought Against Toshiba Subsidiaries in EuropeA separate window will open. [PDF 34KB/1 page]
Jan. 31 (INFO)
Toshiba Publishes English Edition of Environmental Report 2019
Jan. 18 (RELEASE)
Notice on New Management Structure and Introduction of Corporate Officer System
Jan. 18 (RELEASE)
Toshiba Reinforces Strategy Planning Function for Strategic Transformation to CPS Technology Company
Jan. 18 (IR)
Notice on Appointment and Resignation of Representative Executive OfficersA separate window will open. [PDF 80KB/5 pages]
Jan. 18 (IR)
Notice Regarding Suspicious Transactions which Existence are Unable to Confirm at a SubsidiaryA separate window will open. [PDF 21KB/1 page]
Jan. 17 (INFO)
Toshiba Publishes English Edition of CSR Report 2019
Jan. 17 (IR)
Notice Regarding Results of Tender Offer for Shares of NUFLARE TECHNOLOGY, INC. (Code: 6256) by Subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation (Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation)A separate window will open. [PDF 130KB/5 pages]

This Web site provides shareholders and investors with information related to the finance and management of Toshiba Corporation and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as “Toshiba”). This information is offered with no provision of guarantees or any assertion of accuracy.
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