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Toshiba to Start Marketing 18-megabit Rambus DRAMs

17 March, 1995

TOKYO -- Toshiba Corporation today announced that it will start sample shipment of an 18-megabit dynamic random access memory (DRAM) incorporating data transfer technology developed by Rambus Corporation of the United States. The Rambus DRAM can transfer data at rate of 500 megabytes per second, more than ten times faster than general-purpose DRAMs. It is ideal for both main memory and graphic frame buffer applications in computers incorpoating high-performance MPU.

Sample shipments of the new DRAM will start today. at a price of 12,000 yen per unit. Mass production is scheduled to start in August, at a monthly production level of 100,000 units.

DRAM performance has been outpaced by progress in the micro processing units (MPUs) that control computer operations. SRAM-based cache memory, an interface between the CPU and main memory, is used to compensate for the relatively slow access times of DRAM, but this pushes up hardware costs and the overall size and complexity of computers.

The new chip uses 0.5 micrometer CMOS process technology and integrates an 18M (2M word x 9 bit) memory capacity and a Rambus interface. The RAM is composed of two independent banks of 1M byte cell arrays. Each has a 2K byte sense amplifier, which acts as a cache and allows data to be moved in and out at a rate of 500M bytes per second. On-chip registers allow the Rambus DRAMs to directly connect to MPUs and controllers and so eliminate the need for external logic ICs.

Toshiba is also developing 8M Rambus DRAMs (1M word x 8 bit) specially for graphic processing and 16M Rambus DRAMs (2M word x 8 bit). Both are expected to be available in this year.

Note: Rambus is a trademark of Rambus Corporation.


Structure:     2M word x 9 bit
Process:       0.5 micrometer CMOS, triple layer polysilicon,
               double layer aluminum wiring
Performance:   Clock cycle time:             4ns
               Burst read/write cycle time:  2ns
               Hit read time:                10 clock cycle
               Hit write time:               4 clock cycle
Package:       TC59R1809VK: 32-pin 11mm height Surface Mount
               Vertical Package (SVP)
               TC59R1809HK: 36-pin 11mm width Surface Mount
               Horizontal Package (SHP)

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