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Toshiba America Establishes New Strategic Center for Multimedia R&D

27 June, 1995

New York -- Toshiba America, Inc. today announced the establishment of the Advanced Information Technology Center (AITC) in San Jose, California. The new R&D facility, scheduled to open on July 1, will plan, support and conduct research and development of next- generation multimedia-related technologies that build on the digital fusion of computing, telecommunications and audio-visual technologies.

Toshiba Corporation is positioning itself to take full advantage of the business opportunities created by the emergence of multimedia and is promoting Advanced I, a company-wide project, to enhance its capabilities in multimedia-related technologies. The establishment of AITC in Silicon Valley, the world's multimedia heartland, is expected to make a significant contribution to achieving the goals of Advanced I.

Major Functions of AITC
AITC will work closely with Tokyo's Advanced-I Group, and assume the following responsibilities:

 (1) to investigate and analyze technological and business trends
     in multimedia;
 (2) to plan and implement research programs in leading-edge
     multimedia technologies;
 (3) to plan and propose new businesses to Toshiba's operating  
 (4) to identify potential research partners among promising U.S.
     ventures and promote R&D with leading universities.

Research Mission
The R&D to be undertaken by the center embraces software, information service related technologies, infrastructures for information processing and telecommunications, and systems, equipment, components and elementary technologies in the field of multimedia. Initially, the main focus of AITC's activities will be on technologies related to the Super Density Disc (SD), which is widely expected to provide an industry standard for next-generation high density optical disc for both consumer electronics and computer applications. In this connection, AITC will work on:
(1) encoding technology; (2) software editing technology; (3) development of MPEG related technologies, a key for graphics processing applications; and (4) application packages.

Unique R&D Organization
The rapid pace of innovation in multimedia-related fields has created a dynamic business climate where change can be sudden and rapid. Research organizations must respond by offering high flexibility and a versatile organization. AITC meets these requirements with a unique organizational hierarchy, an approach based on the "objective-oriented, harmonious networking" of researchers.

As well as conducting its own research programs, the hub center in Silicon Valley provides strategic planning, organizing, and supervisory functions for research programs, working in cooperation with satellite research groups around the nation. The center will first integrate its organization with that of Toshiba America Information Systems's Information Technology Office, and then gradually expand its scope of activities, utilizing the capabilities of Toshiba America Group companies and those venture companies with which it forges working relations. AITC will also promote close tie-ups with leading academic institutions.

Reinforcing the R&D functions of Toshiba America
Toshiba America has built up research functions in all of its group companies, each reflecting the mission of the company. Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. researches PCs and software, telecommunications and network technologies in Irvine, California. Toshiba America MRI, Inc. magnetic resonance imaging in San Francisco; Toshiba America Electronics Components, Inc. microelectronics in Sunnyvale; Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc. next-generation TV technologies, including those for high- definition television, at its Advanced TV Technology Center in Princeton, New Jersey. In Fishkill, New York, Toshiba engineers are engaged in the joint development program for 256-megabit DRAMs with IBM and Siemens A.G.

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