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Toshiba Display Devices (Thailand) Celebrates 7th Anniversary with Start of Full-Scale Manufacturing of Color Display Tubes

29 August, 1995

Bankok -- Toshiba Display Devices (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (TDDT), has expanded its range of production by starting full-scale manufacturing of color display tubes (CDTs) for computer monitors. Today, TDDT held celebrations at its Bangkadi Industrial Park production facilities to commemorate the start of production and to mark the company's 7th anniversary.

Since its establishment in August 1988, TDDT has steadily expanded its capacity for color picture tubes (CPTs) for TV sets. Annual production now stands at approximately 3.5 million 14- to 25-inch CPTs, most of which are to other South-east Asian countries. Cumulative production of CPTs passed the 10 million mark last April.

Building on over half a decade of successful operations, TDDT has this month begun full-scale production of 14- and 15-inch color display tubes for computer monitors. With a new investment of 1,250 million baht, TDDT has opened a new facility with a floor area of some 17,600 square meters. Capacity will reach 1.7 million units a year by the end of March 1996, and products will be exported to other Asian countries and marketed locally. The project has created an additional 500 jobs, increasing TDDT's total number of employees to 2,500.

The start-up of CDT manufacturing brings even more advanced technology to TDDT's operation. CDTs produce higher resolution images than CPTs and require higher level production control technology.

"I would like to thank our employees for all their efforts since TDDT was established," said Masaharu Kanto, President of TDDT. "That, and the support extended by national and local government, the wider community and industry, have assured our steady progress and current success. I want to thank all concerned, and to assure you that we are determined to continue to contribute to Thailand's industrial growth and to Thai society."

Toshiba Corporation, TDDT's parent, is one of the world's biggest manufacturer of CPTs and CDTs. Total annual production stands at 12.3 million units, securing approximately a nine percent share of the world market. In addition to TDDT, two manufacturing facilities in Japan and one in the U.S. are currently in operation, while a new plant in Indonesia is under construction and scheduled to start operation in September, 1996.

Company Outline

Name:         Toshiba Display Devices (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 
Established:  August 29, 1988 
Location:     Bangkadi Industrial Park, Pathun Thani Province 
Capital:      2,000 million baht 
Shareholders: Toshiba Corporation                93% 
              Mitsiam International, Ltd.         5% 
              Sumitronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.    2% 
President:    Masaharu Kanto 
Employees:    2,500 
Site area:    134,700 square meters 
Floor area:   28,785 square meters (14-, 15-inch CPT facility) 
              23,100 square meters (21-, 25-inch CPT facility) 
              17,600 square meters (new CDT facility)

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