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Toshiba To Construct New Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility

1 December, 1995

Toshiba Corporation
Iwate Toshiba Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tokyo -- Toshiba today announced that it is to construct a new manufacturing facility for cutting edge logic ICs and semiconductor memories at Iwate Toshiba Electronics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company located in northern Japan. The new plant's innnovative manufacturing system will allow production of customized system LSIs and memories on a single line, promoting a flexible response to customer demand.

Approximately 130 billion yen will be invested in the new facility in the next three years. Construction of a three story building on an approximately 50,000 square meter site will start in April 1996, and is scheduled for completion in spring 1997. Production is planned to start by the end of fiscal year 1997 when the plant will employ approximately 500 people, adding to Iwate Toshiba's current strength of 3,200.

Its state of the art manufacturing equipment will be capable of producing ICs up to the 0.25 micron design rule on 8-inch wafers. Monthly production capability will reach 30,000 wafers. The new facility will produce highly integrated system LSIs that unite specialized chips and logic circuitry on a single chip; logic ICs; and memories with a process level equivalent to 64-megabit dynamic random access memories (DRAMs).

The facility will introduce an innovative manufacturing process control system, that allows flexible allocation of production volumes to different products according to demand. Production is planned and supervised for each individual wafer, so different products like logic ICs and memories can be produced on one line at the same time.

The new system will realize efficient production of diverse products in small lots to meet diversified demand from customers. Products will include customized LSIs designed to customer specifications, among them single chip ICs integrating logic circuits and memories.

Demand for semiconductors such as memories and logic ICs, is rapidly increasing in the result of the fusion of computing, communications and visual technologies through digitization and multimedia. The worldwide semiconductor market for 1995 is expected to reach approximately US$146.4 billion, 43.7 percent over last year. (source: WSTS)

Outline of Iwate Toshiba Electronics Co., Ltd.

President: Yasusuke Sumitomo
Established: January 1973
Address: 6-6, Kitakogyodanchi, Kitakami-shi, Iwate Prefecture 024, Japan
Site area: 299,400 square meters
Floor area: 116,500 square meters
Capital: 15 billion yen
Products: ASICs, MCUs, LSIs for Image Processing, Memories
Employees: Approximately 3,200

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