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Toshiba Introduces Pocket-Size Digital Still Camera -- Built-In PC Card Interface Offers Easy High Speed Download of Captured Image to PC

16 June, 1997

TOKYO-- Toshiba Corporation today announced Allegretto (Model name: PDR-2), a pocket-size compact color digital still camera with build-in PC Card. Allegretto's built-in PC Card plugs into a PC Card slot, allowing the user to view images on the computer's screen or download easily without the need of using an optional serial cable for connection. This convenience cuts the time from shooting to image viewing and editing on a PC.

Marketing of Allegretto starts on August 10th in Japan with a sales target of 7,000 units per month. Suggested retail price of the camera is set at 59,800 yen including bundled softwares. The introduction of the camera to the domestic market will follow its launch in the U.S. market, planned to take place in July 1997.

Toshiba's prowess in semiconductors and high-density mounting technology comes into its own in Allegretto, realizing an ultra-compact camera measuring 150mm wide, 55mm high and 20mm deep (excluding protrusions) that fits snugly into your shirt pocket. It weighs only 130g (excluding battery).

The camera utilizes a CMOS image sensor as the eye, whose power consumption level is around 1/10 that of CCD image sensors currently in widespread use. Further, the camera's ultra-low power consumption design means that one battery provides enough juice for shooting more than 500 pictures. As a storage medium, it uses the stamp-size memory card SmartMediaTM which has a thickness of 0.76mm.

Bundled with Allegretto is software from Sierra Imaging and Live Picture for image-editing/processing on a personal computer.

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