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Toshiba New Wide-Aspect TVs Have Virtually Flat Screen

20 January, 1998

TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation today announced a new series of wide-aspect televisions that offer better image quality today, and including models with the advanced features and functions required for tomorrow's digital broadcasting. All four TVs in the new series incorporate Toshiba's newly-developed color picture tube, and their virtually completely flat screens add a new immediacy to viewer enjoyment.

The new televisions meet demand for large, wide-aspect televisions that offer excellent performance and viewer-friendly operation. In addition, Toshiba has assured that two models in the series are compatible with the digital television (DTV) broadcasts that are expected to begin in Japan in 2000. Among key features are:

Easy viewing and Easy to view
Flat screen
Toshiba's new color picture tube achieves an almost completely flat screen--the ideal for TVs. The combination of high image quality, excellent brightness and surround-sound speakers bring a theater-level experience into the home.

Simple Remote Controller
Remote control clutter and confusion are no more, thanks to a design that focuses on user-friendly operation, especially for young and aged viewers. The number of keys is cut by 1/3, and basic function keys are brought together. Clicking on easily-understood on-screen icons allows control of the TV, and any VCR and BS tuners connected to it.

Digital Progressive Scanning
Toshiba's digital progressive scanning, a meet for DTV, significantly reduces picture flicker and noise. Conventional interlace scanning creates images by combining two frames in which every other lines is scanned. Digital progressive scanning sequentially scans all 525 lines in a single frame. The result is an improved image and much reduced flicker.

Ready for Digital Broadcasts
DTV Compatibility
A dedicated adapter the company is planning to start marketing later on for two models in the series, 32Z1P and 28Z1P, will assure their ability to receive DTV broadcasts, scheduled to begin in Japan in 2000. The adapter can receive any of 525P, 525i or 1125i broadcasts, the main systems expected to be used in digital broadcasts via satellite.

The four models in the series, 32Z1P, 32Z1D, 28Z1D and 28Z1P, will be released on March 1, April 1, April 16 and May 1, respectively, only in the Japanese market.

Major Specifications

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