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Toshiba's new Controller LSI incorporates 32-bit RISC Microcontroller and large-capacity embedded flash memory

21 January, 1998

TOKYO-Toshiba Corporation today announced a new embedded controller LSI that integrates a 32-bit microcontroller and 3-megabit embedded flash memory. The performance characteristics of the TMP39E42FZF position it to carry out demanding control functions, including the high-speed processing required for automobiles and factory automation. Sample shipment of the new product will start in March 1998.

The new LSI incorporates Toshiba's TX39E as the processing core. Developed by Toshiba as a derivative of the R3000A, the 32-bit RISC microprocessor architecture defined by Silicon Graphics Inc.'s MIPS Group, TX39E enhances memory efficiency (object code performance) by some 25%, through the addition of a 2-byte instruction set that complements the standard 4-byte instruction set. A 3-megabit embedded NOR-type flash memory that combines large capacity with high-speed operation assures high operating accuracy and functionality during high-speed processing, while allowing on-board rewrites of the microcontroller application.

Increased application of microelectronics to control systems has promoted demand for microcontrollers offering faster processing of more complex applications, particularly for dynamic, high -function control systems, like those of automobiles. Unlike typical custom-made microprocessors that require individual programming of customer-specific data before wafer fabrication, the new LSI incorporates a 3-megabit embedded flash memory, allowing customized programs to be written to the flash memory just before final shipment. This cuts both LSI development and product lead times.

TMP39E42FZF meets exacting design and application requirements, while offering the high-level performance required for the most demanding controller applications, from automobiles to factory automation. This includes minimizing heat emission by achieving a low 3.3-volt operating voltage, and an ambient temperature operating range that can handle the most severe work environments, from -40 to 110.

Key features of the new LSI include:

  • Incorporation of a 3-megabit flash memory, supporting on-board rewrite of the microcontroller program.

  • An additional 2-byte instruction set that optimizes memory efficiency in terms of object code performance.

  • Operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 to 110.

  • Built-in program debug support (ICE function) that supports and simplifies development of microcontroller application programs.

Samples of TMP39E42FZF will be available from March 1998 at a price of Y10,000. Mass production is scheduled in the third quarter of this calendar year, at a monthly production level of 10,000.

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