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Toshiba's New RISC Microprocessor is Complete Solution for High-End Personal Information Equipment

30 March, 1998

TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation today announced a powerful new addition to its TX System RISC family of 32-bit microprocessors. The latest in a series of innovative solutions, TMPR3922U provides support for high-performance hand-held information equipment, including personal digital assistants and personal communicators and mobile phone, and for such interactive applications as set-top boxes.

Based on Toshiba's TX39 MIPS RISC processor core and the MIPS Group RISC 3000A architecture, TMPR3922U offers full compatibility with the TX family instruction set instructions and core functions, while achieving significant performance enhancements over its predecessor, the TMPR3912U. The core CPU clock speed is pushed to 166MHz, supporting a maximum processing speed of 215 MIPS. The instruction cache is extended to 16KB (two-way associative) and the integrated data cache increased to 8KB (two-way set associative, writable in both write-back and write-through methods), the largest capacity of any TX39 core. The memory management unit is able to store up to 64 entries, with programmable page sizes in the range from 4KB to 1MB.

On-chip support for a full range of peripheral capabilities extends to IrDA 1.1 infrared data switching, V.34-compatible modems, PCMCIA support and an RS-232C interface. The chip's high level integration is achieved by application of 0.25micron process technology and 3-layered A1 wiring, while its incorporation in portable equipment is supported by a 2.5V internal and 3.3V external operating voltage.

The performance characteristics and broad functionality of the TMPR3922U offer solution providing state-of-the-art support for hand-held personal information equipment. TMPR3922U also supports personal multimedia equipment that combines communications and Internet functions, such as e-mail and web browsing.

Sample shipment of TMPR3922U will start in Japan in the second quarter of this year, at a unit price of Y5,000. Mass production of 100,000 units a month is scheduled to begin by year end.

Toshiba is one of the world's leading manufacturers of semiconductors and integrated circuits, with a portfolio that embraces all major product categories. The company is also leading innovator in 32-bit and 64-bit RISC chips based on the RISC R3000A and R4000A RISC instruction set architectures defined by the MIPS Group of Silicon Graphics, Incorporated of the United States.

Main Specifications
Part NumberTMPR3922U
Performance215 MIPS (@ 166MHz)
Operating Frequency166/133MHz
Operating Voltage2.5V internal, 3.3 external
Operating Current440mW (typical at 166MHz, 3.3V)
Package208-pin LQFP (1.4mm thin plastic flat package)

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