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Toshiba Shows Prototype of 8.4 inch Reflective Low Temperature Polysilicon LCD at Electronic Display Exhibition '98

21 April, 1998

Tokyo---Toshiba Corporation has developed an 8.4-inch prototype of a reflective low temperature polysilicon LCD. It will be demonstrated at the Electronic Display Exhibition '98 from April 22 to 24, in Yokohama Japan.

Reflective TFT LCDs do not need a backlight, which gives them significant advantages over standard backlit TFTs: the prototype consumes only one fourth of the power and is only half the thickness and two thirds the weight of an equivalent backlit display. These pluses are further enhanced by the higher brightness and resolution achieved by polysilicon TFT LCDs, which surpass those of standard TFT LCDs. The overall characteristics of Toshiba's prototype, including LCD drivers that are built into the display itself and highly resistant to shock and vibration, make it much better suited for mobile applications than amorphous TFT LCDs.

Toshiba will also display a 13.3-inch low temperature polysilicon LCD, the largest yet achieved, at the Electronic Display Exhibition.

The displays referred to above are still at the prototype stage, and neither is yet scheduled for commercial production.

Basic Specification

8.4-inch SVGA Reflective Low Temperature Polysilicon TFT LCD

13.3-inch XGA Low Temperature Polysilicon TFT LCD

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