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Toshiba's slim HDD has industry-leading 6.4GB capacity -- GMR head technology boosts capacity of 2.5" hard disk drive

7 May, 1998

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a high-performance addition to its line of 2.5" hard disk drives with the introduction of its giant magnetoresistive (GMR) head HDD developed expressly for high end notebook PCs. The new drive matches the industry's highest capacity in the slim form factor, and offer notebook-PC users a stunning 6.4 gigabyte data capacity.

The MK6409MAV is only 12.5mm high and is a light 150 grams, yet its 6.4 GB data storage far surpasses that possible with conventional magneto resistive (MR) technology. Data capacity is matched by performance specifications, including a 4,200 rpm rotational speed, a 13ms seek time and 33.3MB a second data transfer rate, and a 512KB buffer memory. The drive offers the ruggedness required in portable HDD: 500G shock resistance during non-operation. The characteristics of the MK6409MAV establish it as the drive-of-choice for the notebook market, and assure it will bring new capabilities to the most popular segment of the portable PC market.

At the heart of MK6409MAV's performance is GMR head technology. Its super-thin multiple-layer structure achieves much greater sensitivity than the MR head, and realized a higher recording density.

Toshiba recognizes GMR as the next-generation standard for HDD heads, and has directed its research efforts to developing the basic technology and proving its commercial potential. The company's goal is to engineer advances that will produce GMR drives with three to five times the data capacity of MR head-based HDD with the same form factor.

Mass production of MK6409MAV will start in Japan in May 1998.

Key Features

  1. World's highest capacity of any 2.5-inch HDD with GMR head:
    6.4GB and 12.5 mm height

  2. Ultra DMA Mode-2 supports high speed data transfers at up to 33.3MB/s.

  3. 512KB buffer memory offers high performance data processing.

  4. Shockproof: 500G/2ms, half sine wave, in non-operation

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