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Fujitsu, NEC and Toshiba Agree Specifications for Stacked Multi-Chip Package Compatible with all high density Flash Memory and SRAM

17 September, 1998

Tokyo--Fujitsu Limited, NEC Corporation and Toshiba Corporation today announced agreement on specifications for a Stacked Multi-Chip Package (MCP), which stacks NOR flash memory and static RAM (SRAM) on a single package and achieves dramatic space reductions over standard packages.

While each company will manufacture and market the chips independently, common specifications will promote Stacked MCP's market penetration and allow the three to act as secondary sources for one another, so ensuring stable supply.

Seiko Epson Corporation, Hyundai Electronics Industries Co., Ltd. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. also have endorsed the specification, and will support the efforts of Fujitsu, NEC and Toshiba in promoting MCP as the de-facto standard package for flash memory and SRAM.

Growth in the mobile equipment market is driving demand for flash memories, used to store programs and data in hand-held devices, and for SRAMs, which provide a memory supporting the control of operating functions. At the same time, continued miniaturization of mobile equipment is fueling demand for smaller memory elements.

Responding to these needs, Fujitsu and Toshiba introduced a Ball Grid Array (BGA) type MCP in April, 1997, which mounts flash memory and SRAM side-by-side in a single package, only about one centimeter square in size. The design found wide support in the cellular phone market.

The new Stacked MCP mounts flash memory and SRAM vertically, allowing further reduction of the package area on the printed circuit board. Key to the design is a SRAM die with a pin assignment compatible with that of the flash memory, which allows stacking with minimal wiring. This stacked design also enjoys the advantage of compatibility with future generations of high density flash memory.

The jointly-agreed specifications are for a BGA-type configuration, in which an 8x8 metal ball assignment uses 56 balls to connect the MCP to the circuit board. Simplified fabrication is facilitated by an 0.8mm pitch between balls. This new configuration requires about 70% less space than the conventional method of two Thin Small Outline Packages (TSOP).

The new MCP supports various combinations of flash memory and SRAM: flash memory from 4Mb to 128Mb and SRAM from 1Mb to 128Mb. Pin compatibility is maintained in all variants. It incorporates a terminal allow switching between 8-bit and 16-bit output, and supports various output combinations for flash memory and SRAM: 8 bit-8 bit, 8 bit-16 bit and 16 bit-16 bit.

Fujitsu, NEC and Toshiba plan to individually manufacture and market MCPs mounting 16Mb or 32Mb flash memories and 2Mb or 4Mb SRAM.

MCP Features
Package type:BGA
Pins:8 x 8 (56 balls, excluding non-connected balls)
Pitch spacing:0.8mm
Product composition:x8- and x16-bit types
Product shipment: Sample shipment: from the End of 1998
Mass production: from the 1999 Spring

Fujitsu Limited is a leading provider of information technology products and solutions for the global marketplace. Founded in Japan in 1935 as a telephone equipment maker, the Fujitsu Group had consolidated revenues of $37.7 billion in the fiscal year ended March 31,1998.
With over 500 group companies, Fujitsu is one of the world's largest suppliers of computers and information systems solutions, telecommunications and semiconductor products, software and services. The Fujitsu Group has over 180,000 employees worldwide and operations in more than 100 countries.

NEC Corporation (NASDAQ: NIPNY) pioneered the concept of C&C, the integration of Computers and Communications, and is the only company in the world to be counted among top ranking corporations spanning the wide range of fields essential for this vision of multimedia: computers, communications and electron devices. Employing in excess of 150,000 people around the world, NEC saw net sales in fiscal year 1997-98 amount to 4,901 billion yen (approx. US$40 billion). For further information visit our home page at:

Toshiba Corporation is a leader in information and communications systems, electronic components, consumer products and power systems. The company's integration of these wide-ranging capabilities assures its position as an innovator in multimedia components, products and systems. Toshiba has 186,000 employees worldwide, and annual sales of over US$ 40 billion.
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