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IBM and Toshiba to License TFT Liquid Crystal Display Technology to China's Jilin Electronics

25 September, 1998

IBM Corporation
Toshiba Corporation

TOKYO, September 25, 1998- Toshiba Corporation and IBM Corporation have agreed to license their thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display manufacturing technology to China National Electronics Import and Export Jilin Company and China's Jilin Electronics Co., Ltd. This will lead to the first production of TFT liquid crystal displays in China.

With this agreement, Jilin Electronics, based in Jilin Province in northeastern China, plans to start production of TFT liquid crystal displays at the end of 1999 at a new plant. That new facility is scheduled to be completed in the middle of 1999 with the cooperation of Display Technologies Inc. (DTI), a joint venture between Toshiba and IBM.

In recent years, China has witnessed the emergence of various new industries involving the production of information equipment such as personal computers and personal digital assistants using the most current technology, as well as electronic components such as advanced semiconductors and liquid crystal displays. Furthermore, the Chinese market is growing at a remarkable rate, and demand is expected to continue to rise in the future.

Against this backdrop, Chinese liquid crystal manufacturers are now exploring the use of TFT technology, which enables the manufacture of liquid crystal displays that produce high-precision, high-quality images. In order to meet the growing domestic demand, Toshiba and IBM have agreed to furnish to China the TFT liquid crystal display manufacturing technology and related manufacturing equipment. Some existing manufacturing equipment from DTI will be transferred to the new plant of Jilin Electronics, which will eventually assume production of small-size panels for DTI. DTI will continue to manufacture larger, new generation TFT liquid crystal displays in Japan, at facilities in both Himeji and Yasu.

Jilin Electronics was established in February 1998, and is presently operating under the umbrella of the electronic industry agency of the Jilin Provincial Government. The company is currently producing Twisted Nematic (TN) liquid crystal displays.

Outline of Jilin Electronics
LocationChangchun City in Jilin Province, China
Vice PresidentZhang Guijin
EstablishedFebruary 1998
Capital405 million RMB

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