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Toshiba Launches Industry's First Commercial 8.4 and 10.4 inch Low-Temperature Polysilicon TFT LCD

5 October, 1998

New Displays are the First Available for Portable Computers

The 8.4-inch "LTM08C342S"

TOKYO--Toshiba Corporation today demonstrated its leadership in the LCD industry by announcing the industry's first low-temperature polysilicon-technology TFT liquid crystal displays for portable computers. Marketing of the new 8.4-inch and 10.4-inch displays will start this month, initially in Japan, and samples are available at 60,000 and 120,000 yen, respectively. Commercial production also starts this month, at an initial monthly level of 10,000 substrate sheets.

The advantages of polysilicon TFTs add up to distinctive displays:

  • The 8.4-inch LTM08C342S is only 4.9 millimeters thick, more than 20 percent slimmer than any similar amorphous TFT displays currently available . It is especially suitable for subnotebook PCs.
  • The 10.4-inch LTM10C306S offers XGA-level high resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels, allowing razor-sharp display of high resolution graphic images.

Low-temperature polysilicon offers advantages expected to make it a mainstream technology for displays for computers and other information equipment. Driver LCDs can be formed directly on the LCD substrate, reducing the overall component count to as little as 40% of that for a typical amorphous silicon TFT LCD. The number of connection pins required can be cut to only 5%, a major contribution to product reliability. Low-temperature polysilicon displays also achieve lower power consumption and higher durability, making them ideal for portable applications ranging from digital cameras to notebook PCs.
While the advantages of low-temperature polisilicon TFTs make them attractive to manufacturers and users alike, a difficult manufacturing process has kept volume availability to displays in the 4-inch region, limiting commercial application. With its new displays, Toshiba moves ahead of other companies to achieve the first commercial production of large-sized polysilicon TFT LCDs. The new production line is located at the company's Fukaya Display Devices Works in Saitama Prefecture.

Low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD
The substrate is composed of polycrystal silicon, which achieves much higher electron mobility than the amorphous silicon found in active matrix and other LCDs. Polycrystal silicon also allows each pixel cell to be more easily controlled by smaller peripheral circuits, including driver ICs. As a result, the peripheral driver circuits that control the display can be brought directly onto the substrate, and there is no need for external mounting around the display panel. This significantly reduces the overall component count and the number of connection pins required.

Major Specifications

Pixel count800 x 600
Pixel pitch0.213 x 0.213mm
Display size8.4 inches (21cm diagonal)
Gradation260,000 colors
BacklightCCFL single sidelight method
BrightnessMax 130cd/square meter
Power consumption2.0W (at 70cd/square meter)
Response time40ms (ton + toff)
Contrast ratio250:1
Dimensions201mm (W) x 142mm (H) x 4.9mm (D)

Pixel count1,024 x 768
Pixel pitch0.2055 x 0.2055mm
Display size10.4 inches (26cm diagonal)
Gradation260,000 colors
BacklightCCFL single sidelight method
BrightnessMax 130cd/square meter
Power consumption2.3W (at 70cd/square meter)
Response time40ms (ton + toff)
Contrast ratio250:1
Dimensions242mm (W) x 172mm (H) x 5.5mm (D)

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