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Toshiba Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. to Create Joint Venture Company for Manufacture of Next Generation PlayStation(R) CPU

4 March, 1999

New production lines will use 0.18 - 0.15 micron process technology

Toshiba Corporation
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Tokyo, March 4th, 1999 --- Toshiba Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that they have reached basic agreement to establish a joint venture company to produce the 128-bit CPU, dubbed the Emotion EngineTM, the heart of the next generation PlayStation system.

The joint venture company will establish new production lines within existing Toshiba clean room production facilities in Oita, Japan, capable of manufacturing chips on 8-inch wafers employing cutting edge 0.18 - 0.15 micron process technology. (0.18 micron is the length of the silicon gate on the chip) The new chip will be available in the fall of 1999. Initial production capacity is 10,000 wafers a month (multiple chips are produced from a single wafer.) SCEI expects to invest 50 billion yen in equipment for the new company.

The Emotion Engine, jointly researched and developed by SCEI and Toshiba, is the world's first full 128-bit CPU. It is capable of processing massive data at the fastest possible speeds approaching the performance of a super computer in floating point calculations.

The next generation PlayStation is a new computer entertainment platform that will further expand the market for digital entertainment created by the PlayStation, the world's most successful TV-based video game console with global sales of over 50 million units.

Joint Venture Outline
Company NameTo be determined
EstablishedApril, 1999
LocationOita, Japan
Initial Capital100 million yen
Ownership51% Toshiba, 49% SCEI

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