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Toshiba Adds LSI to Local Operating Network (LON) System Line

27 May, 1999

Tokyo--Toshiba today announced a new addition of high-speed to its lineup of Neuron Chips for the Local Operating Network system (LON) developed by US-based Echelon Corporation. The new LSI, TMPN3120A20M, doubles communication speeds, and adds to functionality with a 16-kilobyte read-only memory , 3-channel analog-digital converter and an Enhanced communication port.

LON is a cutting-edge distributed intelligent control network that supports easily configured, highly reliable, cost-effective communication between sensors and actuators in networks with up to 32,385 nodes. Its versatility has brought wide and still-growing application in building, home and factory automation, where it meets requirements for easily set-up, expanded and modified control networks with low start-up and operating costs and low power consumption. Toshiba has supported development of the system since its inception, and has commercialized a wide range of LON system LSI technology since January 1989.

TMPN3120A20M, a high-speed version of Toshiba's earlier TMPN3120E1M, adds support for 16K of ROM, a 3-channel 16-bit A/D converter and an enhanced communication port, operating at 20 megahertz. It improves data transfer from 1.25Mbps to 2.5Mbps, reduces response times from 7ms to 3 to 4ms and cuts input/output object speed by almost half. The LSI also integrates all communications and control functions required to support LON nodes.

Samples in a 32-pin Small Outline Package (SOP) will be available at a sample price of 1,000 yen. Mass production will start in July 1999, at 50,000 units a month.

Specifications of TMPN3120A20M
*Central Programmable Unit: 8 bit CPU x 3 pieces
*Operating Frequency: Up to 20MHz
*Transfer Rate: 2.5Mbps
*ROM: 16,383 bytes
*RAM: 1,024 bytes
*EEPROM: 1,024 bytes
*Power consumption
15mA (typical) at 5V/ 10MHz
33mA (typical) at 5V/ 20MHz
*2ch 16-bit Timer/ Counter:
*Enhanced communication: Yes
*Common mode range (No hysteresis)
Minimum: Vss -0.2V (Vss+0.9V in the current product)
Maximum: Vss +1.0V (Vss-1.75V in the current product)
*Communication port: 5 ports
*I/ O port: 11 ports
*Package: Plastic SOP-32 pins

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