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Toshiba to Debut World's Smallest, Thinnest Five-pin CMOS Logic Package

17 June, 1999

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced development of the world's smallest and thinnest five-pin package for one-gate type CMOS Logic ICs. Pioneered by Toshiba over a decade ago, these versatile devices are essential components of a wide range of products. The new package will support further innovation in LCDs and in such portable products as notebook PCs, PDAs and cellular phones.

Toshiba's new ESV package brings the low power consumption and high-speed operation of one-gate CMOS Logic ICs to a five-pin package only 1.6mm x 1.2mm x 0.55mm. The smallest, thinnest five-pin package yet achieved, the ESV has a printed circuit board footprint up to 40 percent smaller than that of the USV, the 2.0mm x 1.25mm x 0.9mm package currently standard in the industry.

Samples of devices in the new package will be available from July at a unit price of 30 yen. Mass production will start in September, at 3 million units a month.

Product Lineup


  • Range of operating voltage: 1.8 to 5.5 volt
  • Propagation delay time (switching speed): 2.4ns at VCC 5volt with TC7SZ00AFE
  • Output currency: +-24mA at VCC 3volt
  • Integrating input tolerant

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