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Toshiba introduces the multi-functional drive Combining CD-R/RW read and write with DVD read

2 August, 1999

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has entered the CD-R/RW market and launched the multi-functional CD-R/RW drive that can write to CD-R/RW media and read DVD titles. The SD-R1002 incorporates a newly developed, high performance pick-up head that allows it to read and write CD-R/RW and to read DVD.

The new drive offers maximum 4x write speed to CD-R and CD-RW discs, maximum 4x speed playback of DVD-ROM, and 24x speed playback of CD-ROM. It incorporates an ATAPI interface that optimizes it for integration in desktop PCs.

With the multi-functional SD-R1002, Toshiba, an industry leader in CD-ROM and DVD technology and products, has united in a single drive the four functions increasingly demanded of optical drives for PCs: support for CD-ROM; reading both DVD-ROM and DVD-Video; writing to CD-R; and rewriting to CD-RW. The SD-R1002 drive allows users to gain the freedom to run software stored on CD-ROM, back-up high-volume data and develop original discs on CD-R/RW, and enjoy watching movies on DVD and music on CD.

Key Features

  1. A high performance pick-up head incorporates two laser diodes: a 650 nanometer diode for reading DVD and 780 nanometer diode for reading and writing CD-R and CD-RW.
  2. Optimization for desktop PCs includes maximum 4x writing to CD-R/RW discs; maximum 4x speed playback of DVD discs; and maximum 24x speed playback of CD-ROM discs.
  3. The maximum burst data transfer rate is ultra-DMA 33.3 MB/sec.

SD-R1002 Specifications

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