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Toshiba Participates in TELECOM 99 in Geneva

7 October, 1999

Geneva--Toshiba Corporation will celebrate the "computer network society" at TELECOM 99 with an exploration of the technologies that will revolutionize Internet-based communications in coming years. At the center of the company's approach is the empowering concept of Dynamic Virtual Private Networks--innovative Internet-based telecommunications supported by leading-edge capabilities in infrastructure access, the infrastructure backbone and mobile multimedia. Visitors to the Toshiba stand will see all these in action and get a glimpse of the potential of Dynamic VPN in fast-access, high-capacity networks offering significant enhancements in usability, security, manageability and cost-efficiency.

As communications infrastructure makes the shift to Internet Protocol (IP) based systems, telecommunications are becoming increasingly flexible, versatile and less expensive. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are emerging as an effective means of easily constructing cost-efficient private telecommunications networks on public networks or the Internet. Now, Toshiba takes the concept a major step forward with Dynamic VPN, a 21st century Internet platform featuring enhanced network security and reliability and supporting high quality, seamless operation across computer networks. Dynamic VPN brings to users the ideal in IP communications: anywhere, anytime telecommunications that meet all needs.

Toshiba's president and CEO, Mr. Taizo Nishimuro, will participate in the panel at the opening session of TELECOM 99's Infrastructure Summit on October 11, from 14:30 to 17:30.

Major Toshiba Exhibits

Infrastructure Backbone
10G Network Protection Equipment for Submarine Cable Networks
Submarine optical cable networks connect the world--but their essential operations can be interrupted through fiber failure, cable damage and any number of other causes. Toshiba provides the high-performance, high-reliability protection equipment that keep networks up and running. The company's latest 10G network protection equipment incorporates integrated switching with a self-healing function.

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
A key technology for Dynamic VPN, MPLS achieves extremely high packet transfer speeds. Every packet in the network is assigned a unique label that identifies its route separately from transfer processing. The label eliminates the extra load created by having to examine the IP header.

Infrastructure Access
Broadband Wireless Access System
As a "last mile" solution, broadband wireless access systems offer economic, high-speed access to the backbone network, and simple installation, including on-demand service provision. Toshiba's point-to-point (PTP) system meet the needs of larger enterprises, while its shared access point-to-multipoint (PTMP) system serves smaller businesses, SOHO and residential users.

MCNS Cable Modem
Linked to a computer, cable mode ms open up the world of secure data communications via CATV networks. Toshiba's PCX1000, the world's first DOCSIS cable modem certified by CableLabs(R), brings high-speed, broadband performance to Internet access, e-mail and e-commerce.

SkyBridge Project
SkyBridge will begin to provide high-capacity local access to interactive service in 2002. With a constellation of 80 low-orbit satellites, SkyBridge will deliver infrastructure to telecommunications and Internet service providers seeking to harness the market potential of broadband services. Toshiba supports SkyBridge's space segment and next generation professional and residential terminals.

Mobile Multimedia
W-CDMA, the new standard for next-generation multimedia telecommunications, and MPEG-4, the international standard for bringing moving images to mobile platforms, are together defining the visual communications on portable personal equipment. Toshiba will demonstrate their capabilities in such applications as VOD and next-generation video phones.

Mobile Motion is the world's first software suite to provide complete support for MPEG-4 video streaming. All aspects of image encoding, distribution and playback are supported by Mobile Motion's Producer, Server and Player software, providing a total solution on regular computers and network infrastructure, with no special hardware. Wide-ranging applications include multimedia manuals, corporate training and image databases.

Mobile Broadcasting System by Mobile Broadcasting Corp.
Established by Toshiba, Toyota, Fujitsu and Nihon TV--and now with many more investors--Mobile Broadcasting Corp.(Japan) will bring satellite-based multimedia, video and audio services to mobile users via S-band digital broadcasts. Services will start in Japan at the end of financial year 2001.

Key Electronic Components
As a leading innovator in electronic components, Toshiba makes a major contribution to developing new capabilities in telecommunications. Devices at TELECOM 99 include TX system RISC cores, an MPEG-4 codec LSI, a W-CDMA LSI, rechargeable batteries and LCDs.

Cellular phones and communication devices
With the explosion in popularity of cellular phones and other communication devices, improvements in size, weight, quality and functionality are the order of the day. Toshiba's many contributions include low-density case materials and advances in surface-processing technology that lower printed wiring board production costs and improve soldering quality.

Mobile IP technology
Toshiba's mobile IP technology allows PC users to access their home network via its unique IP address from remote locations. Support for anywhere anytime access gives full control of all components in the home network, including home PCs, VCRs and digital TVs. Support for MPEG4 brings interactive video transfers to remote access.

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