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Toshiba Introduces World's Smallest Low-Temperature Polysilicon TFT LCD with XGA Resolution

11 November, 1999

6.3-inch LCD offers the same image quality as printed matter

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today reinforced its leadership in low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCDs with the announcement of the world's first 6.3-inch display with XGA resolution. The new LCD's 1,024 x 768 pixel image is supported by a 0.126-millimeter dot pitch that achieves a density of 202 pixels per inch (ppi).

Toshiba has positioned itself at the cutting edge in low-temperature polysilicon LCDs through such innovations as the industry's first 4-inch display offering VGA resolution. With its latest breakthrough, the company brings a resolution matching that of high caliber printed color materials, such as found in magazines, to a compact LCD panel, the size of typical photograph and smaller than a trade paperback.

The market for mobile products is growing and diversifying as cellular phones and PDA take on e-mail and web-browsing capabilities and continue to add other applications. Demand for digital cameras is also booming. Advances in all these areas are fueling demand for smaller, brighter, higher-resolution displays that can operate on battery power. Toshiba's new 6.3-inch display is expected to support further developments in such areas as electronic books (e-books) and personal digital-picture viewers.

Low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCDs offer the most promising solution for mobile personal equipment of any commercialized display. Their use of crystallized silicon allows electrons to pass transistors with much greater mobility than in amorphous silicon TFT, producing a higher resolution and brighter display. They are also significantly smaller, as the display drive circuits can be formed directly on the display's glass substrate, reducing pin connections by 95%.

LTM06C310 will be commercialized in April 2000 at a sample price of 100,000 yen.

Outline of LTM06C310

  1. A high-resolution of 202 ppi- equivalent to printed matters
  2. XGA resolution- expanding application to such areas as electronic books and photo viewers
  3. 6.3-inch display- the same size as standard photographs and paperback books in Japan
  4. High reliability through reduced pin count
  5. Power consumption is cut by the larger aperture ratio of low-temperature polysilicon process technology

Specification of LTM06C310
Part numberLTM06C310
Pixel count1,024 x 768 (XGA)
Pixel pitch0.126 x 0.126mm (202 ppi)
Display size6.3-inch/16.1-centimeter diagonal
Gradation64-gray scale per color, 262 thousand colors
Brightness70cd/square meter
Contrast ratio250:1
Response timeton + toff: 40ms
Dimensions151.9 (w) x 115.8 (h) x 7.6 (d) mm
Power consumption2.2W

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