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Toshiba's New High-Frequency Modulation IC Enhances Performance of Laser Diode Pickup Heads

17 December, 1999

Small, inexpensive device squelches noise and improves
data read in DVD-Video, DVD-ROM and Mini Disk players

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a high-frequency modulation IC that improves the performance of laser diodes used to read data in DVD-Video players, DVD-ROM and Mini Disk players. The new device, TC9351AFU, offers the advantages of small size, simple design and the full frequency and amplitude adjustment required to assure it fully meets customer specifications.

The new IC joins the TA8573FN in Toshiba's line-up of high-frequency modulation ICs. TC9351AFU's CMOS process gives it an edge in speed, power consumption and size over its predecessor and similar modules. It will bring these advantages to the design of simpler laser pickup head designs offering better cost performance and full adjustability.

The laser diodes used in optical pickups are subject to two sources of noise: reflected noise generated as the laser beam reads the signal to be played back; and mode-hopping noise caused by changes in temperature. They are suppressed by using an oscillator to superimpose a high frequency current on the laser's drive current, switching its oscillation mode from single mode to multi-mode.

Toshiba has applied its cutting-edge capabilities in C-MOS process technology to develop an IC offering a complete solution to noise in laser pickups. The TC9351AFU module integrates an oscillator with an external resistor that allows current frequency and amplitude to precisely match the performance specifications of specific equipment. Electro-magnetic interference, a serious obstacle to development of high-frequency module, is virtually eliminated by an unshielded external ferrite beads array. The high cost performance characteristics of the IC are complemented by small size: it is packaged in a six-pin plastic shrink small package (SSOP6-P), allowing its incorporation in smaller optical pickup heads.

Samples of TC9351AFU are now available, at a price of 80 yen. Mass production will start from January 2000 and is expected to reach 2 million units a month.

Main characteristics of TC9351AFU

  1. Shrink small outline package: SSOP6-P
  2. Wide range of frequency and amplitude adjustment
  3. Low current consumption
  4. Operating temperature: Tc = minus 40 to 85 degrees centigrade, covering automotive application

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