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Toshiba Introduces World's Highest Resolution 10.4-inch Display--First UXGA Display for B5-Sized Portable PCs

16 February, 2000

Newly introduced low-temperature polysilicon
TFT LCD joins ground-breaking 200 PPI series

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has reinforced its leadership in high-resolution low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCDs by bringing 1,600 x 1,200 UXGA resolution to a 10.4-inch display. The new LCD achieves an unmatched 0.132-millimeter dot pitch and a density of 192 pixels per inch (PPI), producing images matching those found in high quality printed materials.

Toshiba has led the industry in developing low-temperature polysilicon LCDs, and its 200 PPI series of products offers the highest resolution available in screens for mobile personal equipment. The new 10.4-inch display is positioned to bring a new level of display performance to B5-sized notebook PCs, with UXGA resolution that surpasses that of standard desktop monitors to offer an image quality comparable with color photographs. The new LCD can display a 2-million-plus image taken with a digital still camera without any reduction in the resolution level.

Low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCDs bring brighter, higher resolution images to mobile personal equipment than any other commercialized display, thanks to use of crystallized silicon that allows electrons to pass transistors with much greater mobility than in amorphous silicon TFT. Their display panels are also significantly smaller, as the display drive circuits can be formed directly on to the display's glass substrate, reducing peripheral pin connections by 95%.

The new 10.4-inch UXGA display joins 4-inch VGA and 6.3 XGA displays in Toshiba's 200 PPI series. These strategically sized displays support a wide spectrum of mobile personal equipment with the highest resolutions available. The new display retains design compatibility with earlier SVGA and XGA 10.4-inch displays, and will be commercialized in October 2000 at a sample price of 150,000 yen.

Background of Development
Growing use of the Internet and other information services is accompanied by user-expectation of portable PC displays matching that of desktop PC. Toshiba meets such demands with this new display, and also seeks to support the medical and printing industries, which demand stable, high quality images as true to the original as possible.

Product Outline

  • 10.4-inch TFT LCD - the world's smallest low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD offering UXGA resolution.
  • 0.132-millimeter dot pitch - 192 PPI
  • Full design compatibility with SVGA and XGA 10.4-inch TFT LCDs

Major Specifications

  • Part number: LTM10C386
  • Pixel count: 1,600 x 1,200 (UXGA)
  • Pixel pitch: 0.132 x 0.132mm (192 PPI)
  • Display size: 10.4-inch/26-centimeter diagonal
  • Gradation: 64-gray scale per color, 262 thousand colors
  • Brightness: 150cd/square meter
  • Power consumption: 3.7W at 70cd/square meter
  • Response time: ton + toff: 40ms
  • Contrast ratio: 250:1
  • Dimensions: 238.6 (w) x 173.2 (h) x 6.6 (d) mm
  • Weight: 300g (provisional)

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