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Toshiba Announces DVD-RAM drive with 4.7GB single-sided and 9.4GB double-sided capacity

26 June, 2000

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a DVD-RAM disk drive with a 4.7GB storage capacity for single-sided DVD discs and a 9.4GB capacity for double-sided discs. The new drive, SD-W2002 has read compatibility with DVD-ROM and CD-ROM, giving the freedom to use the vast software assets available on these media, and can also read CD-R/RW discs and other optical disc formats.

The popularity of digital devices is soaring, and the computer is the medium of choice for storing, viewing and editing output from digital still cameras and digital camcorders. Add the cumulative impact of downloads from the Internet and the capabilities created by a new generation of multimedia applications, and the result is that the volume of digital data users create is doubling every year. The demand for large-capacity rewritable devices to back-up this booming output of digital content is increasing rapidly.

SD-W2002 has an ATAPI interface and is fully compliant with the specifications of DVD-RAM format 2.1. It employs the wobble land groove recording method to realize a rewritable storage capacity of 4.7GB on a single-sided disc and 9.4GB on a double-sided disk. Data transfer rates are enhanced by utilization of newly developed high performance LSIs and are 2,704KB/sec for a 4.7GB DVD-RAM (two times, read and write), 8,112KB/sec for DVD-ROM (max. six times) and 3,600KB/sec for CD-ROM (max. 24 times). Two laser diodes produce beams with 650nm and 780nm wavelengths, and work with two proprietary lenses to secure read compatibility with DVD-ROM, DVD video, DVD-R, CD-Audio, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW, etc. as well as reading and writing on DVD-RAM disks.

Toshiba, a leader in the DVD-drive market, has already launched DVD video players and DVD-ROM and DVD-RAM drives. With the launch of SD-W002, the company will seek to consolidate its position in the market and further expand business.

Samples of the new drive are now available, at a unit sample price of 100,000 yen. Mass production will start in July.


Capacity4.7GB (single-sided disc)
Applicable disc format (read and write)
DVD-RAM(single sided: 2.6GB, 4.7GB)
(double sided: 2.6GB, 4.7GB)

(read only)
DVD-ROM, D-Video, DVD-R (3.9GB),DVD-RW (4.7GB)
MIXED MODE CD, CD-I, CD-I Bridge (Photo-CD, Video-CD),
Multisession CD (Photo-CD, CD-EXTRA, Portfolio, CD-R, CD-RW),
Average random seek timeDVD-RAM:120ms,
Data transfer rateDVD-RAM Version 2.1 (4.7GB): 2,704KB/sec
DVD-RAM Version 1.0 (2.6GB): 1,352KB/sec
DVD-ROM: 3,357-8,112KB/sec
CD-ROM: 1,552-3,600KB/sec
Buffer memory8MB
Power consumption7W (average)
Disc loadingTray-type, automatic load/release
MTBF100,000 hours
Power supply+5V, +12V
Operating temperature5℃ - 45℃
Dimensions146mm x 41.5mm x 196mm

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