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Toshiba Introduces 512M bit and 1G bit NAND Flash Memories

26 September, 2000

Utilizing 0.16μ process technology co-developed with SanDisk Corporation

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today reinforced its line-up of high capacity NAND flash memories with the launch of a single-chip 512-megabit device and a 1-gigabit device that stacks two of the 512M chips. The new additions add to a 512M chip that stacks two 256M memories, which the company brought to market in July 1999. The new 512M chip and its 0.16μ process technology were jointly developed by Toshiba and SanDisk of the US, the world leaders in NAND flash development. Samples of a 512M chip in a Thin Small Outline Package (TSOP) and of a 64-megabyte SmartMediaTM card utilizing the chip are now available.

By the end of September, Toshiba will launch samples of two more devices utilizing the new 512M memory. A 1G NAND memory will stack two of the chips in a TSOP, while a 128MB SmartMediaTM card will align two of the chips in parallel.

The new 64M SmartMediaTM card fully conforms with the SmartMediaTM specifications finalized by the Solid State Floppy Disk Card (SSFDC) Forum. As a method to prevent illegal copying of copyrighted audio content, every card is allocated a unique serial number.

*Quantity reflect forecast for monthly production in early 2001.

Background of Development

The market for SmartMediaTM cards is expanding, as manufacturers make use of its advantages--slim, compact size, light weight and competitive pricing--in digital still cameras, PDAs and data storage products, including solid-state audio that will replace the MD. The market is now moving toward high capacity SmartMediaTM, demand that Toshiba is meeting with its latest generation of NAND-flash-based products.

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