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Toshiba at CEATEC JAPAN 2000

3 October, 2000

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today revealed the details of its participation in CEATEC JAPAN 2000, the exhibition of information, communications and visual products and technologies that runs at Makuhari Messe from October 3 to 7.

Advances in IT, in the fusion of information, communications and visual technologies and products, are changing personal lifestyles and the way we work. Toshiba seeks to add to business and private life with products and services that promote customer satisfaction. At CEATEC JAPAN 2000, the company will show how it does this with exhibits grouped under three core themes: digital, mobile and network.

Outline of Main Exhibition

  1. Business Stage
    An introduction to some of Toshiba's latest IT solutions and services.

    Broadcasting-based e-commerce
    Support of a virtual market and sales related to TV program through interactive digital broadcasting; a simple and secure identification and payment system for approving credit cards.
    Electronic procurement system
    An Internet-based procurement system that integrates the bidding system, document control and work flow.
    ASP service
    ASP services support Electric toll-collection system, sanction and information analysis. Other services shown include knowledge integration and personnel management.

  2. Industry Stage
    Under the theme of "Open up the Digital World," key enabling technologies for the digital age are displayed, including semiconductors, LCDs and batteries.

    3G mobile phones will use MPEG-4 compression to send and receive moving pictures. Toshiba's MPEG-4 codec LSI features highly efficient data compression and error correction on a single chip that contributes to miniaturization of electric devices.
    The NAND flash memory-based SD card and SmartMediaTM card provide a storage medium for digital still cameras and mobile audio players.
    System LSI for BS digital high vision TV
    The System LSI for BS digital high vision TVs brings out the high image definition and improved sound quality sound of the BS digital broadcasts that will start in Japan this December.

  3. Life Stage
    The home digital network of tomorrow will be achieved by a fusion of media and advanced network technology.

    BS digital high vision TV and tuner
    This supports all services offered by the BS digital broadcasting, including high quality images and sound, high quality radio broadcasting with still pictures and interactive data broadcasting. A slot for a SmartMediaTM card supports display of digital still pictures on TV. A concept home digital network, centered on a BS digital high vision TV utilizing BluetoothTM and i.LINK technology is introduced.
    SD card, SmartMediaTM card and HDD.
    (1)The postage-stamp sized SD card offers high speed rewriting and the full degree of copyright protection desired by the entertainment industry. It is expected to find wide use in mobile products with Internet capabilities.
    (2)The SmartMediaTM card has already established a firm position as the medium-of-choice in digital still cameras, personal digital assistants and mobile audio player.
    (3)Toshiba's 1.8-inch mobile HDD combines a highly compact design with a high density. It supports data transfers between electric products with a Type II PC card slot.

    BluetoothTM products
    BluetoothTM wireless technology provides wireless connectivity between PCs, digital still cameras, mobile phones--any digital product in fact--and supports transmission and reception of audio, video and other digital signals. Attaching a BluetoothTM PC card allows a PC to communicate with other equipment--another PC, a printer--at a range of up to 100 meters. The BluetoothTM wireless modem station, connecting to phone line, gives PCs wireless access to the Internet. BluetoothTM-based concept products are also displayed.

    • SmartMediaTM is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation.
    • The i.LINK name and logo are registered trademarks of Sony Corp.
    • Toshiba uses trademark of BluetoothTM based on license agreement.

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