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Toshiba introduces world's first DVD video recorder with HDD

16 November, 2000

Next-generation video recorder with HDD and DVD-RAM

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced the world's first combination of hard disk drive and DVD-RAM video recorder for recording TV programs. The new product, RD-2000, will go on sale in the Japanese market only on December 22.

Integration of a 30GB HDD and a 4.7GB DVD-RAM drive in the RD-2000 allows storage of up to 33.5 hours of video images and supports editing between the HDD and DVD-RAM. With the new combination, Toshiba proposes saving programs to the HDD temporarily and using the DVD to build program libraries of scenes selected from the HDD.

The flexibility of recording to HDD combine with high capacity and high-speed access to make it possible to playback a program from the HDD, to pause or to replay any part, even while the program is still being recorded. Viewers who arrive home while a program is being recorded can thus watch it immediately, without having to wait for the recording to be completed.

Product features
Major specifications

*The RD-2000 supports the Content Protection for Recordable Media (CPRM) approved by DVD forum.
*1Dolby Digital is trademark of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
*2HDCD is registered trademark of Pacific Micro-sonics.
*Specifications of RD-2000 are subject to change without notice.

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