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Toshiba Launches World's First High-Definition Dual-slice CT Scanner 20,000 Detector Elements Support Simultaneous Dual-Slice Scanning

12 December, 2000

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a major contribution to cutting-edge diagnostics, the Asteion Dual-Slice System CT scanner. The world's first high-definition helical scan dual-slice CT scanner to integrate almost 20,000 detector elements, the Asteion Dual-Slice performs simultaneous dual-slice scanning at a rotation speed of only 0.75 seconds. Expressly designed for hospitals, rather than for R&D activities, the new CT scanner is available today.

The Asteion Dual-Slice System is Toshiba's third multi-slice system, following the Aquilion Multi-Slice System and Asteion Multi-Slice System. A sister system to its high-end predecessors, the Asteion Dual-Slice provides all their cutting-edge multi-slice features.

Most so-called dual-slice systems are simply provided with single-slice detectors arranged in two rows. These systems use mechanical collimators to determine slice thickness and do not capture the high-definition images of multi-slice systems. Toshiba dual-slice CT scanners do, thanks to the company's development of the world's finest detector for CT systems: an array of almost 20,000 detector elements arranged in an 896 element x 22 row matrix. Slice thickness is determined by selective combinations of the output of the 22 rows, making it possible to fully exploit high-speed, high-quality imaging capabilities.

This new system can scan a wide range at high speed and acquire high-resolution images with a 0.5-mm slice thickness. Its capabilities make it a powerful tool for high-resolution lung cancer examinations, imaging small vessels, high-resolution inner ear scanning, the generation of high-quality 3D images, multi-phase contrast studies, high-speed emergency examinations, and the examination of children and other patients who may have difficulty remaining still during scanning. In terms of hospital efficiency, reduced examination times result in higher patient throughput, and the extended service life of the X-ray tube results in lower operating costs.

Because scanning is performed to preset scan conditions in an "Expert Plan" and an improved filming process greatly simplifies operation, this new system provides all the benefits of Toshiba's expertise in multi-slice systems and is also very easy to use.

The Asteion Dual-Slice System is available from today in both the domestic and overseas markets, at a unit price approximately 30% lower than that of the company's top end Aquilion Multi-Slice System.

Special Features of the New System
Main Specifications of the New System

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