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Toshiba Introduces Small, Low Power MPEG-4 Video Codec LSI

15 January, 2001

Lower Power Consumption Achieved with 0.18μm
Process Technology and Embedded DRAMs

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today reinforced its leadership in MPEG-4 solutions for portable personal equipment with the announcement of the TC35273XB videophone LSI. Developed in full conformity with the latest industry standards for compression and decompression of video and audio, TC35273XB delivers an MPEG-4 video encoder and decoder (codec), a speech codec, an audio and video multiplexer and 12 megabit (Mb) of DRAM on a single chip. Full support for video compression and decompression assures the new LSI will play a central role in bringing videophone capabilities to cellular terminals.

Toshiba has pioneered development of LSI for MPEG-4 videophone systems, and announced the world's first single-chip LSI with 16Mb of embedded DRAM at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2000 in February last year. The new LSI improves on that LSI's footprint and power consumption and reflects the need to maximize integration for small mobile terminals.

The new LSI was developed with 0.18-micron process technology, Toshiba's most advanced semiconductor technology, and achieves two key design goals: reduced power consumption and chip shrink to achieve an easy-to-assemble Fine Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package only 11 x 11 millimeters. Advances in power consumption and size also extend to performance, including reinforcement of the gated clock to support video conferencing at 80-milliwatt power consumption and 60MHz operation.

Background of Development
Outline of New LSI
Specifications of New LSI

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