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Toshiba Announces Development of White Light LED

8 February, 2001

Positioned to reinforce industry leadership in LED lamps

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it is set to launch a white light emitting diode (LED) that points the way to a stable white light source with the luminosity required for future replacement for incandescent lamps. The new device was jointly developed with Toyoda Gosei, Co., Ltd. and the two companies will commercialize and market it independently. Samples will be available from April 2001, and mass production will start from November 2001.

The new LED integrates Toshiba's phosphors and packaging with Toyoda's LED, which achieves a short peak wavelength approximately 380 nanometers (nm). The diode will be manufactured by Toyoda and packaged by Toshiba in a phosphor- mixed transparent resin package. Both companies will market the product under their own brand name.

Background of Joint Development
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