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Toshiba Introduces First Control LSI Supporting SD I/O Card

5 April, 2001

SD I/O Cards Expand Functionality of Digital Electronics Products

Tokyo - Toshiba Corporation today launched a new series of read/write controller LSI supporting SD Memory Card, SmartMediaTM and SD I/O cards. Among the new LSI, TC6380AF is the first to provide support for SD I/O cards, innovative high capacity cards that bring such capabilities as Bluetooth connectivity, cellular phone links and GPS to PCs and other personal digital equipment. The new LSI will be integrated into PCs, PC Cards and mobile products, making them ready for future's SD I/O cards and the expanded functionality they offer.

The potential of high capacity flash memory cards, particularly SmartMediaTM and the SD Memory Card, have been demonstrated by their widespread use and popularity in digital still cameras and portable digital music players. The new generation of SD I/O cards adds intelligence, applications and enhanced functionality to these high performance cards, and Toshiba's new series of controller LSI will allow them to be used on a wide range of equipment.

Toshiba introduced the industry first SD Memory Card controller LSI last October. The new lineup reinforces performance and Toshiba's market-leading presence in a promising business area.

Summary of New Products

*CPRM - Content Protection for Recordable Media, the copyright method approved by the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI).

Outline of New Products

  1. The TC6380AF interface can be set to support a standard memory bus interface or the Compact Flash interface. This LSI is designed for integration into products, such as PDAs and mobile phones, and supports SD I/O cards as well as SD Memory Card and SmartMediaTM.

  2. TC6377AF and TC6377XB integrate a standard memory bus interface and can be integrated in products such as PDAs and mobile phones. They control SD I/O cards as well as SD Memory Card and SmartMediaTM. Integration of a CPRM-based encryption/ decryption circuit can reduce the load on the CPU in products.

  3. TC6373XB adopts a PCI bus interface and controls SD Memory Card, SmartMediaTM and PC card. Integration of the PC card controller can contribute to miniaturization of portable PCs.

  4. TC6374AF is a built-in PC card controller with PC card ATA interface. SD Memory Card and SmartMediaTM can be inserted in the PC card and controlled by the TC6374AF.

Specification of New Products

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