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Sony and Toshiba Jointly Develop 0.1 and 0.07-Micron Process Technologies for Next Generation System LSI

17 May, 2001

Sony Corporation
Toshiba Corporation

Tokyo, Japan, May 17th, 2001 -- Sony Corporation and Toshiba Corporation today announced that they have agreed to jointly develop cutting-edge process and design technologies for 0.1-micron (m) and 0.07m system LSI. The two companies will work toward speedy development of process and device technologies supporting low power consumption and high performance, which each will then apply to the creation of competitive products.

The digitization and networking of consumer AV devices require performance enhancement and lower power consumption in system LSI, as a key component of digital products. These goals can best be met by development of design technologies supporting micro-fabrication and high-integration technologies for the next generation processing. This will achieve low power consumption and high performance for cutting-edge system LSI.

Sony and Toshiba independently recognized the importance of improving power consumption and processing speed in their respective process device technologies, a realization which led to the collaboration announced today.

Integrating their cutting-edge technologies and design know-how for system LSI, mainly for consumer use, will allow the two companies to focus on the early achievement of 0.10m and 0.07 m design processes for next generation LSI. This will open the way to more advanced system LSI, such as highly capable image processor system LSI embedded memory capacity and low power system LSI with embedded memory for mobile applications, that can be applied to development of attractive products.

Joint development will start in May 2001 at Toshiba Advanced Microelectronics Center and continue through to the end of fiscal year 2003 with a support of an investment budget of approximately 15 billion yen. About 130 engineers from two companies are expected to work on the project.

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