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Toshiba Starts Mass Production of Super-slim CD-R/RW Drive

18 Jun, 2001

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it will start mass production of a super-slim 12.7mm-height CD-R/RW drive in June. The new drive, SR-C8002, achieves a high write speed of maximum 8x* for CD-R/RW and a maximum read speed of 24x for CD-ROM. The average random seek time is 105 milliseconds. The SR-C8002 offers high speed, stable data recording at maximum 8x thanks to a buffer underrun error prevention function that prevents errors when recording.

With home recording and editing of music and visual images growing in popularity, more and more portable PCs incorporate CD-R/RW drives. However, as such digital sources as moving images and music increase in capacity, there is a pressing need for CD-R/RW drives supporting higher data transfer rates. Toshiba has long championed DVD technology and has a record of innovation in advanced optical disc drives, including DVD-ROM drives, DVD-RAM drives and multi-functional drive combining CD-R/RW with DVD read. The addition of the new, high-performance, super-slim SR-C8002 CD-R/RW drive to the company's line-up reflects the company's commitment to meeting fast evolving customer requirements.

*Maximum 8x speed with high speed CD-RW media.

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