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Toshiba to Donate $1 Million in Aftermath of US Attacks

18 September, 2001

New York--Toshiba Corporation and the Toshiba America Group of companies today announced that they would express their condolences to the victims of last week's terrorist attacks in the United States with a $1 million donation in support of ongoing relief efforts.

Speaking in Tokyo, Mr. Tadashi Okamura, President and Chief Executive Officer of Toshiba Corporation said: "We extend all our sympathy and condolences to the victims of these terrible attacks, to their families who continue to suffer, and to the American people at this most trying time. All of us in the Toshiba family have been deeply affected by the images of horror and bravery we have seen in last week. We have been moved and impressed by the courage of the New York police and emergency services, and by the resolve of the American people to rise above and overcome these dreadful events. We hope that our donation may assist the relief process and go towards helping the recovery of those who lost loved ones."

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