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Toshiba Brings Enhanced Wireless Solution to Office LAN Environment

9 November, 2001

New Seamless Network System Expected to Enhance Company's Overall PC Business

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced an enhanced wireless solution for LAN environments that offers simple wireless connectivity, total mobility and reinforced security. With demand for secure wireless network connectivity growing fast, Toshiba's new seamless network solution fully supports the concept of "anywhere, anytime, always connected to the world."

The new system comprises Toshiba's Magnia Z300, a highly compact space-saving server launched in July this year; a LAN card to control the wireless LAN access point function; Mobile IP, software for wireless connectivity between different networks; and IEEE802.1x, wireless LAN security software to the standard specified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The basic package supports a maximum of 20 wireless devices, and Toshiba can support customer requests for additional connections.

In most companies, security is as important a consideration as mobility. Toshiba's new wireless network solution supports the high level security of IEEE802.1x and integrates the IPSec (IP Security protocol) in Mobile IP. Seamless intranet connectivity throughout a company facility also included secure, uninterrupted connectivity to their source network for roaming users.

Separate company facilities that install the new system can also achieve continuous connectivity via the Internet or an intranet. This allows visitors from one facility to connect to their home network while visiting another.

Demand for enhanced network mobility is accelerating dramatically. Allied Business Intelligence Inc. forecasts that the 2000 market of 4.9 million wireless LAN nodes will grow to 55.9 million nodes in 2006. Most customers want a high level of security and quick implementation, without the extra step of individual IP setting. Toshiba's seamless solution exceeds customer expectations by supporting seamless, secure wireless connection at anytime and anywhere.

The new wireless network solution will be presented at booth 5638 at COMDEX Fall, in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 12 to 16. It will be available worldwide in 2002. Toshiba expects this versatile solution to provide customers for its portable computers with enhanced mobility and productivity and to strengthen its overall PC business.

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