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Toshiba to Launch Combination Drive Integrating CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM and Super-slim CD-R/RW

12 November, 2001

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation has reinforced its leadership in advanced optical-disc drives by introducing a new combination drive that integrates CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM functions and a super-slim CD-R/RW drive. Both drives set new benchmarks for high performance optical storage.

The SD-R1202 combination drive, ideally suited for integration in desktop PCs, brings high performance specifications, including a maximum 16x write speed for CD-R and a maximum 10x write speed for CD-RW, and a maximum 12x read speed for DVD-ROM and a maximum 40x read speed for CD-ROM.

The new CD-R/RW drive, SR-C8102, achieves a maximum 16x write speed for CD-R, the highest rate yet achieved in a super-slim CD-R/RW drive, a maximum 10x speed for CD-RW, and a maximum 24x read speed for CD-ROM. The drive is only 12.7mm high and weighs only 197g, and is ideally suited for integration in portable PCs.

Both drives integrate Buffer Under Run Error Protection to prevent write error and assure stable, high-speed data write.

More and more people use computers to edit music or image data, a trend that is promoting demand of high speed performance in optical storage drives, especially in CD-R/RW drives, today's mainstream drive. Toshiba's new drives achieve the highest maximum write speed of any super-slim CD-R.

Toshiba will start sampling of SD-R1202 in mid-November and SR-C8102 in mid-December.


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