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Toshiba to Develop the World's Smallest Stacked Multi Chip Package

25 March, 2002

Some 30% reduction of MCP size contributes to development of space-limited mobile phone

Stacked Multi Chip Package (MCP)

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has developed a stacked multi chip package (MCP) that is only 10mm long and 7mm wide, the smallest dimensions yet achieved. Toshiba's current MCP are 9x12mm, and Toshiba's new package is some 30% smaller, a major advance for space-sensitive application in mobile phones.

As mobile phones add such functions as Internet capability and transceiving of still and video images, their random access memory (RAM) and NOR flash memory have to be increased, without any appreciable increase in handset size. Toshiba meets capacity needs and size concerns with its recently announced 64Mb NOR flash memory, fabricated to the 0.16-micron (μ) design rule, and with its new 7x10mm MCP.

As standard, Toshiba will stack four memory chips in the new package: an 8Mb static random access memory (SRAM), a 32Mb pseudo static random access memory (PSRAM) and two 64Mb NOR flash memories. Toshiba is the only company manufacturing all four of SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND flash memories and will leverage this market advantage by stacking different combinations in the MCP, as requested by customers. From June on, the company will offer stacking of 16Mb SRAM, 64Mb PSRAM, 128Mb NOR and 128Mb NAND flash memories in the 9x12mm MCP.

Background of Development

Mobile phones integrate low power SRAM divided into two areas, buffer and working memory, and hold applications on NOR flash memory. With the recent expansion of applications, PSRAM has been used as high density buffer memory and NAND flash memory as file memory. However limited space demands that all memory chips are stacked in a single package. Toshiba's introduction of a 7x10mm MCP will contribute to higher integration in mobile phones.

Outlines of New MCP

  • Employing the most advanced process technologies for SRAM and NOR flash memories achieves a 7x10mm MCP, the world's smallest.
  • Diversifying customer needs will be met by combinations of SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND flash memories.

Major Specifications of New Products

  • Part Number: THPV357022BCBB/ THPV357023BCBB
  • Memory Configuration: 8Mb SRAM, 32Mb PSRAM and two 64Mb NOR flash memories
  • Package: 85-ball BGA (7 x 10mm)
  • Power Supply: 2.5 to 3.3V
  • Access Time: 65ns at 2.7V
  • Page Mode Built-in PSRAM and NOR flash memories: 25nanosecond page access time at 2.7V
Major Specifications of New Products

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