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Toshiba Introduces a New Bluetooth Baseband LSI

15 April, 2002

TC356510 new Bluetooth baseband LSI

Tokyo--Toshiba Corporation today announced a new Bluetooth baseband LSI, TC356510, that offers high levels of interoperability in environments where multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices are networked together. TC356510 fully conforms to the Bluetooth ver.1.1 specification.

TC356510 advances the functionality of Bluetooth baseband LSI by taking over execution of Bluetooth protocol stack that controls Bluetooth wireless communication and profiles, the application program interface, previously assigned to the main CPU of the equipment in which the LSI is installed. As a result, the main CPU is fully dedicated to the application software. The new LSI manages Bluetooth protocol stack and also integrates profiles required to interface with application software. The level of performance needed to carry out this extended role is assured by increased random access memory and improved memory peripheral circuits.

The LSI can be programmed with customers' own Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles, but Toshiba supports shorter, cost-effective development of software by offering its own Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles with TC356510.

In operation, the new LSI realizes low power consumption of 25mA when receiving a signal, while a power management circuit cuts consumption to 20μA in idling mode. These moves reduce power consumption in the overall system.

The new LSI adopts Bluetooth core circuit technology, licensed from Nokia, the world leader in cellular phones, assuring highly reliable interoperability between multiple Bluetooth-enabled platforms.

The company will reinforce its presence in the industry by integrating the baseband LSI and RF IC into a single chip and by the implementation of Bluetooth-integrated system-on-chip solutions.

Sample of the new LSI will be available in May 2002 at 1,000 yen, and mass production is slated for August 2002 at 50,000 units a month. The company will boost its production to 500,000 in 2003.

Major Specifications

  • Processor Core: ARM7TDMI(R)

  • Integrated Memory: Buffer RAM and mask ROM for installing Bluetooth lower layer software

  • External Interface: for extensible RAM, and for Flash ROM, and EEPROM

  • Host Interface: high speed UART up to 921.6kbps and PCM digital audio interface

  • Package: FBGA 113-pin and Flip Chip 100-pin

  • Supporting Bluetooth Protocol Stack and Profiles: LMP, RFCOMM, L2CAP, SDP, GAP, HCI, SPP, *HFP, HEADSET, *AVP and *HID
    (*):Under development

  • ARM7TDMI is a registered trademark of ARM Limited.

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