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Toshiba Launches Industry's Smallest and Thinnest I2C Bus-based Serial E2PROM

5 August, 2002

Cuts size of 1Kbit and 2Kbit E2PROM by approximately 50%


Tokyo--Toshiba today announced the smallest, thinnest 1Kbit and 2Kbit E2PROMs that conform to the industry standard I2C bus.

The new 1Kbit and 2Kbit ICs, TC9WMB1FK and TC9WMB2FK, respectively, are fabricated with 0.6m E2PROM-embedded logic process technology. Both are housed in an Ultra Super Mini 8-pin (US8) package that reduces the chip size to approximately 50% that of current products housed in Thin Shrink Small Outline Package and Miniature Small Outline Package. This size reduction will support such applications as integrating CCD cameras in mobile phones.

Samples of TC9WMB1FK and TC9WMB2FK are available today at 100 and 150 yen respectively. Mass production starts later this month at a monthly volume of 200,000 units, and is expected to reach 2,000,000 units a month in fiscal year 2003.

Demand for small-sized, non-volatile memory is growing in areas as diverse as consumer products, computer and communications equipment and automated equipment for manufacturing and infrastructure. Coming years are forecast to see annual growth in the region of 3%, against 2001's demand of 2,700-million units. Demand for smaller serial E2PROM is particularly strong in the market for mobile products, and Toshiba's introduction of the industry's smallest and thinnest serial E2PROM expressly addresses this need.

Outlines of New ICs

  • US8 packaging contributes to product miniaturization. The 0.5mm pin pitch is suitable for easy mounting on printed circuit boards.
  • Memory configurations: 128 x 8bit for TC9WMB1FK and 256 x 8bit for TC9WMB2FK
  • Low current consumption and "zero" standby current will extend the life of battery-based mobile products.
  • Automatic setting of programming time
  • Data retention time: 10 years
  • Rewrite endurance: 100,000 times.

Major Specifications

Major Specifications

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