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Toshiba Launches the World's Lowest-level Power Consumption 32-bit Microprocessor for PDA and Electronic Dictionary

19 August, 2002

Integrating controllers for Color LCD, USB and NAND Flash Memory


Tokyo--Toshiba today announced a new microprocessor for PDA, electronic dictionaries and similar products that combines improved processing capabilities with the world's lowest level of power consumption of any processor in this product category.

The new microprocessor TMP92CH21FG, incorporates a phase-locked loop (PLL) circuit that converts 10MHz external signals to the CPU's internal clock rate of 20MHz, and achieves power consumption of 75mW, the lowest level reported in the industry. Integrating controllers for color LCD, USB and NAND flash memory make a new microprocessor highly attractive for incorporation in personal digital PDA.

Samples of the chip will become available in September 2002, at 1,500 yen. Mass production is expected to start from December 2002.

Background of Development

As the performance of PDA, electronic dictionaries and other personal products makes rapid advances, the microprocessors that power them have to process larger volumes of data at faster speed, and with lower power consumption. Toshiba meets these requirements with the TMP92CH21FG, which has a TLCS-900/ H1 CPU core and integrates controllers for color LCD, USB and NAND flash memory.

The Advantages of TMP92CH21FG

  • The PLL circuit allows new processor based on the original architecture of TLCS-900 series to convert its maximum external clock speed of 10MHz to its 20MHz internal clock.
  • Fully compatibility with Toshiba's proprietary 16-bit microcomputers, TLCS-900/L, TLCS-900/L1 and TLCS-900/H core, and a C-compiler for program encoding.
  • A development environment that supports Toshiba's Real Time Emulator (RTE) model 15 and 25 controller.
  • Integration of USB1.1 controller in products realizes high-speed communication with personal computers.
  • Integration of an LCD controller for 256 and 4,096 colors in STN and TFT LCD displays supports high quality color display.
  • Integration of controllers for SDRAM and NAND flash memory contributes to development of competitive products. SDRAM controller supports execution of program on SDRAM.

Outline of New Products

Outline of New Products

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